Family Circus Weighs in on Clichés

Our local Sunday paper featured a Family Circus cartoon in which the mother is on the phone. “After Mother’s Day I always find it difficult to get back down to earth,” she says. Standing at her side is her small son who pictures a space capsule floating from the heavens.

I immediately went to my book, Most Comprehensive Origins of Clichés, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions and looked up the old expression, “Down to Earth.” Here’s what’s recorded there:

Down to earth

Meaning practical and easy to understand for the everyday person, this cliché is from about the 1930s as no printed citation appears earlier than 1932. It most likely came into being as a result of the screenplay and motion picture that year, Down to Earth, by Homer Croy with screenplay by Edward Burke.    

At every book signing I have no matter how many of these books I take, I always manage to sell out. The recent Warren County Genealogical Society signing and the one at the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival were no exceptions. I guess I just don’t order enough copies from my printer.

In the meantime, they sell extremely well on Amazon. You can order a copy there today if you haven’t already, either the latest version in paperback or the original on Kindle. Thank you all for reading my blog, and have a marvelous day!


Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games Success

I have just returned from the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games at Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee, where I hosted a tent for Clan Sinclair, my Scottish family Clan. My ancestor, Alexander Sinkler (St. Clair) of Glasgow, arrived in Virginia in 1698.

For the past 13 years I have been a Commissioner, and at one time, the Eastern Vice President, of Clan Sinclair, USA. My travels and duties as an author and publisher since my retirement from the insurance business have taken so much time that I have now turned over this post in Tennessee to Keith and Susan Sinclair of Knoxville.

At these Games I was privileged to be assisted by several other Clan members, and met the current Eastern Vice President of our Clan, Ralph Comp, who is also the President of Clan Skene, the honored Clan at this event. The entire experience was good, and I sold a number of books, particularly the full-color Prince Henry St. Clair children’s book by noted British-Scottish artist/author, Hazel Brown, and a booklet of Sinclair Barons and Earls as well as several of my own. We also handed out numerous brochures and applications for Clan Membership.

In the meantime, I am busy getting several new books released. Just go to for all those as they are available, and they may also be obtained in paperback or Kindle at, with the paperbacks being available at many other online booksellers.


Smart Phones are “The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.”

It never ceases to amaze me all the things that smart phones can do! They can take the place of a host of articles from our past, if we so desire. Below is a partial list of the things they can replace:

1. Encyclopedia 2. Calculator 3. Date book  4. Calender 5. Weather Alert Radio                 6. Television 7. Camera  8. Video camera  9. VCR of DVD 10. E-book reader  11. Watch or clock 12. Radio 13. Computer 14. FAX machine 15 Record player 16. Recorder 17. Map 18. Tracking device 19 Address book 20. Closed circuit TV  21. Library 22. Magazines 23. Compass 24. Dictaphone 25. Telegraph  26. GPS 27. Oh, yes, some people even use it for a Telephone (or to text)! And there are many others.

The best (or greatest) thing since sliced bread is just one of the multitude of sayings found in my best-selling book, Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions which you can order on your smart phone or other electronic gadget! You can even have it delivered there if you have the Kindle app. Get your copy today and you’ll be in high cotton! (that’s in there too!)


Breaking into New Territory

I have just finished working up the royalty payments for St. Clair Publications authors for May 1st. It never ceases to amaze me the new territories that our books find themselves in. Besides thousands in the US, we have sold books in CanadaEngland, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, India, and Australia. But on today’s pay to author Michelle Doucette, I found that one of her books had sold in Brazil! That’s because she authors books with wide range appeal.

In order for a book to sell to more than a small base, usually around the author’s home, it has to have a subject matter that attracts the masses. Something that reaches out from an attractive cover and makes the public want to buy it. And then it has to be promoted. Several of our authors have their own websites, blogs, etc. Several of them have been featured in newspapers, magazines, television shows and or radio programs. This doesn’t happen by accident.

Since opening our services up to burgeoning authors in 2009, I have offered several things to authors wanting to be published. One is low-cost author services including editing and a great cover by Kent Hesselbein, our professional graphic artist; another is online promotion through our site, Amazon, and availability to other sellers. But even better, I publish the work free of charge once it meets our quality standard. I think even better, I offer the best advice I know how to the authors as to how to market their work.

If you have something you feel deserves being in print, contact me at In the meantime, go on our website at and see the fine books available through St. Clair Publications!

Sharing Worthwhile Thoughts

Last Saturday I had the privilege of speaking for the Warren County Genealogical Association here in my hometown of Mc Minnville, Tennessee. Afterward I had a book signing.

On the evening of April 30, my wife, Rhonda and I will be attending a benefit dinner for the Cancer Society at the Country Club in Tullahoma, Tennessee, where my good friend and co-author of three books, Ron Cunningham will be a “Celebrity Waiter.”

On May 12, I have agreed to speak at College Day for Bobby Ray Elementary School here.

Then on May 16 and 17 I will be hosting a Clan Sinclair tent at the Smoky Mountain Highland Games in Maryville, Tennessee. There I will have select books for sale.

Being an author and publisher is an enjoyable way to spend my retirement years. That’s why I offer inexpensive author services and free publication to authors whom I feel have something of worth to say. If you have worthwhile thoughts which you would like to share with the world, contact me at If you would like to read worthwhile books shared by select authors, see Our quality work is available on Amazon sites around the globe as well, and from numerous other online booksellers.

Speaking for Local Genealogical Association

Yesterday I had the privilege to be the co-guest on a local radio show called Behind the Mic along with local Genealogical Association officer, Marian Spieks. I shared a bit about how family study went hand-and-hand with my getting into publishing books.

Tomorrow I will be the feature speaker at their monthly meeting. It is always a pleasure to accept speaking invitations when time and place will cooperate with my schedule. Being a member of numerous groups (this not being one of them), it is sometimes difficult to work out my schedule.

Helping others fulfill their dreams is a big part of my motivation in doing what I am doing. My own books continue to be a pleasure to write and promote, but I’m not like the guy in the joke who was asked to say a prayer which went something like this: “Dear God, bless me and my wife, my son, John, and his wife, us four and no more.”

I’m doing this to help others reach their goals at minimum expense and achieve the best results possible. So if you want to get published, and think your book may fit into our market, please email me at, and see our website at .

Sixteen Years and Counting

I noticed on LinkedIn that I am celebrating sixteen years since the publication of my first book containing the St. Clair Publications brand. Time surely flies! That book was a limited edition family history of my maternal line mostly for the benefit of family members, though some family friends ordered a copy. It was distributed across the US and to at least one European country.

In the years since things have changed considerably as to the outreach and abilities of this little company. I did several of my own books between 2006 and when I opened up to publishing other folks work in 2009. Since then we have added some great members to our team and developed a number of working relationships which have made St. Clair Publications a name to remember in POD and e-book publication and distribution. We are nearing 100 titles for authors in 5 countries and we are ever growing. These books are distributed around the world. and a few titles have sold beyond our dreams.

Authors who have chosen to publish with us never have told me that we are not very reasonable and always fair in this process. Since we are an individually owned brand, I reserve the right to turn down any book. And I certainly can’t make a claim that all books sell. That factor is largely determined by the author of the book or books and the efforts that they are willing to make to promote their work. If you have something good and positive to say, and want to get it to the marketplace email me at In the meantime please visit us at  or google me, Stanley J. St. Clair, or check us out on any Amazon site and many other online booksellers.

Making a Difference

In the famous 1946 Jimmy Stewart Christmas film, It’s a Wonderful Life, Stewart’s character, George Bailey, because of a tragic loss caused by his uncle’s negligence and the scheming evil of his enemy, Mr Potter, feels he has nothing worth living for and thinks of ending his life. But God sees the true picture and sends an angel to convince him that he has made a difference in the lives of numerous people in their small town. Each Christmas thousands of people still watch the movie and reflect on their own journey through this life.

It is good for each of us to reflect occasionally and remember in what ways we have made a positive difference in the lives of others. Sometimes I feel that I have done far too little. But then I realize that even I have made a difference in others lives.

At St. Clair Publications we strive to make a difference in the lives of aspiring writers by publishing at surprising low cost the work that these individuals feel needs to be gotten out to others. Have you had the dream of becoming a published author, but found that the big publishers are far too selective and don’t want to talk to you? If so, please email me at and I will get back to you about making a difference. Please visit our website and follow the links to get basic information on what we do. We do reserve the right not to publish work that we feel is pornographic, or may be offensive to our market.

Spring Is a Time for Inspiration

I feel so blessed. New England has just been hit with another late winter blast, though the calendar says it is spring. Outside my door, birds are singing and jumping about on my newly mowed lawn. The bright March sun smiles down and I feel inspired to do greater things than ever.

At St. Clair Publications a lot is going on. I have recently put the final polish on the last revisions of Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions. It is at maximum length, and I have added a number of new entries once again. Since it came out in March, 2013, the paperback version now has about 100 additional phrases. Each time I add new ones I have found improvements to make and myths to burst..

I also have my first travel book out, Exploring Our Exciting World, Book I, which covers the Greater Southeastern US. I have done considerable work on Book II, the completion of which I have decided to postpone until we return to New England and visit some important sites which will be featured. This trip is now scheduled for this September – October.

Another volume is largely done, the writing of which is being accomplished by three wonderful ladies. It covers a lot of ground in Europe. Another trip by one of the authors is scheduled for this May.

Right now I am working on another research volume: How 200 Celebrities Changed Their Names and Built Amazing Careers.  This book deals with authors, singers, movie stars, magicians, sports stars and others who have adapted  pseudonyms in order to improve their images and further their careers. The book deals with  why and how these names were selected and how they reached their heights of fame. Several of those selected are individuals with which I have some personal or family connection. It is a lot of pleasure bringing out books of interest to the masses.  It will be out later this year. I hope all are enjoyed and cherished by the readers. Visit us today at and on Amazon.


Spring has sprung

Finally, after a terribly tough winter, it appears that spring has finally sprung. Outside we have only experienced liquid precipitation over the past few days and now the sun is smiling down pleasantly on Middle Tennessee.

I have been busily working on four new books at once. Vacation time is approaching and for anyone planning on traveling anywhere in the greater Southeastern US, anywhere from Louisiana to Washington, DC. my latest book, Exploring Our Wonderful World, Book I is a great carry-along tool to point you toward the best of the best spots to hit. If you like historical sites, this volume is loaded with them. If you frequent or would like to check out State and National Parks, so many are highlighted. There is even information on festivals and entertainment venues. A lot of places include driving directions. But best of all, it gives you an overview so you can see what you like as you travel or plan before visiting and map out your trip. I’m planning on taking it with us when we go to New Orleans, a place I have only visited once before.

So go to St. Clair Publications at or any Amazon site and get your copy today. I now will be taking all major credit cards at events and book signings as well. More on that later. Happy vacationing in 2015.