The Black Widow of Hazel Green

Stan St.Clair’s new book, The Black Widow of Hazel Green is a dark tale set in the pre-Civil War South based on an amazing true story. It will make you angry, make you laugh and make you cry.

Born in Coastal Maryland, Elizabeth Dale Gibbons Flanagan Jeffries High Brown Rout was a beautiful, power hungry woman who would do anything to build her fortune including killing those who didn’t go along with her plan.

Her father, Adam Dale, was a brave and ambitious Aristocratic Patriot who had formed a battalion of young boys to join the fight for American Independence at age 14.

He was granted 640 acres of prime land in the new state of Tennessee for his service. He went on to found the first town in what would become DeKalb County. He named it Liberty.

Later he was made captain over 100 soldiers whom he recruited to fight under Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812.

Meanwhile, back in Liberty, his teenage daughter was conning her first husband-to-be, a minister named Samuel Gibbons, who was from a wealthy family. Unfortunately his parents let him make his own way. After it was finally obvious that she was not getting rich quickly enough, she accused her husband of infidelity and took him out of the picture.

Thus began her lifelong career of building her fortune, one murdered husband at a time.

In 1829, the family moved to Columbia, Tennessee, where her sister, Sarah, married Master Builder, Nathan Vaught, who supervised the erection of the most fabulous homes and businesses in the county. Liz was very jealous of Sarah.

Next, she relocated to Madison County, Alabama. There she ended up married to Alex Jeffries, a rich cotton planter in Hazel Green, a Huntsville suburb, with numerous slaves.

She wanted a fabulous mansion built in front of the two story log cabin on the ancient Indian mound from which to run her social activities. But Jeffries wasn’t in agreement.

She had gotten to know some powerful people in high places, including President James K. Polk, whom she would have loved to catch in her web.

She would continue her killing spree until she got everything she desired. Would even Polk in some way fall prey to her witchery?

Outstanding Books Published by St. Clair Publications

Today I am beginning a series on the outstanding books we have published which are at the top of their genre. These go no selling when most don’t.

I am beginning with an extremely popular book by our Executive Editor and Content Manager, Michele Doucette, who has a Masters in Literary Education and is the author of 28 published titles. many of which have received high acclaim.

Tracing Your Ancestry: French Acadian, French Canadian


An avid reader, researcher and author, Michele Doucette does her best to write about what she knows. As a Special Education teacher, she understands the importance of documentation; combined with her insatiable passion for history, you end up, quite frankly, with an obsessive amateur genealogist. In this case, however, it needs to be shared that amateur often refers to someone who pursues a study for the sheer love of it as opposed to the financial recompense.
Tracing Your Ancestry: French Acadian, French Canadian is a resource that will provide the family historian with the knowledge of how and where to begin; so, too, will they find themselves armed with ample websites to guide their search. Being of both French Acadian and French Canadian ancestry, author Michele Doucette felt it important to consolidate a book that other researchers might find beneficial, based on what she was able to uncover in the course of her own published research than spanned close to twenty-five years.

Tracing Your Ancestry: French Acadian, French Canadian

To Be or Not To Be is now an exciting new novel!

Recently Michele Doucette released her latest novel: To Be or Not To Be, plus another book about the research which went into its making. Here is what Amazon says about this great book:

Zohar (Zoey) Stuart, historian, archivist and genealogist, is of the belief, the mindset, the opinion, that understanding history is the best way to approach both the present as well as the future. She takes pleasure in using her understanding of the past to clarify ways that allow for the envisioning of a different future, a better future, for herself, for her country, for the world. Knowing that her historical counterparts had to make choices in the past, choices that would serve to impact future lives, so, too, does she assert that such also refers to today. While historical interpretation is never easy, given the complexity of the past, Zoey does her best to solve the mysteries, to detect the most plausible explanation(s), as to why things turn out the way they do. She also sees the study of history as being her way of understanding the place of human beings in the world. In keeping with the Welsh Queen Boudicca, whose battle cry was alleged to have been Y gwir erbyn y Byd, meaning The Truth against the World, so, too, is she wanting to uncover the truth about her place in the world. With the original message of Jesus having been one that was based on love, truth and service, wherein he showed much mercy and compassion, empathy and forgiveness, for those that society had deemed less fortunate (for whatever reason the closed minds of society were able to perceive, at that time). So, too, is Zoey a believer in truth, love and service, to one’s self as well as others. In the course of both her dynamic blogging efforts as well as her steadfast genealogical research, never would she have imagined that she would encounter a search fraught with intrigue, synchronicity, danger and murder.

Get your copy today! You will be hard pressed to out it down once you’ve started!

Predictions of the Prophets: A Shocking New Book

It has been some time since I have made a post to this blog! I have gone through a very trying time with my health, but I am now doing much better, and looking forward to many changes over the coming year at St. Clair Publications. As for my personal work, last fall I released the final volume of Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions: Volume III, along with an Index Book tying this series together. These books have set me aside as a serious researcher and garnered much praise from persons in the know in the literary world. For this I am eternally grateful.

Recently, however, I pulled out a manuscript which I had written 12 years ago, right after my release of Prayers of Prophets, Knights and Kings, a large full color tome about the history of Prayer in various religions around the world. This old manuscript was titled, “Predictions of the Prophets: Why has Jesus Not Returned,” and addressed the puzzling question of why so many well-meaning Christian people had been wrong about the “Second Coming” of Jesus which was expected around the turn of the century. My findings were a bit startling, even for me. I felt the world may not be ready for this book. But now there was someone well educated in this subject matter  whom I felt would give me her true opinion about the release of this sensitive material. After Rev. Dr. Jacqueline De Berry read and re-read the book,she convinced me that it was time to update the manuscript and release it. She even wrote a Foreward for it. Though still apprehensive about offending friends and others who felt differently, I spent a considerable amount of time preparing the work, getting it professionally edited, and getting it out. The final product is now available on Amazon worldwide and the St. Clair Publications website. Order yours today for only $9.97.

Special Early Black Friday Offer

My over nine-year long project has come to an end and the result is an astounding encyclopedia of over 4.000 entries carefully researched for meaning, changes through the years, and origins. The original volume was selected to be included in public and college libraries across America, been used as a reference for a Doctorate Thesis at a major University, used to teach English as a second language and praised by professors, authors, editors, newspaper writers and many others. They have sold in at least 7 countries around the world. Now you can own your own set at a discount, or give it to someone interested in the history and progress of the English language.

Just copy and paste the following link in your browser to get your special price:

How many idioms start with ‘On’?

I haven’t been doing a lot of blog entries or even posts on the St. Clair Publications Facebook page lately because every available minute is being used to wrap up my 10 year project of collecting, researching and publishing popular English idioms and proverbs: things we say everyday and would like to know how long we’ve been saying these things and why. It has been a thrilling ride, and a very time consuming one. Right now I’m not only working on getting the final edits into Volume II of Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions, but simultaneously I am ‘getting out the kinks’ of the first three by eliminating duplicates and making an Index Book to tie the project all together. When this is complete, someone who owns  all three of the latest versions and the Index Book can look up any entry in the Index and go straight to it, without trying to guess which book it may be in. And there are almost 4.000 entries! It seems that multiple entries begin with almost every common word. I just finished with the Os in the Index, and there are 29 entries beginning with the word ‘On’. Here are some of them: On message,On one’s toes,On pins and needles, On shaky ground, On someone’s back, On someone’s dime, On someone’s doorstep, On the blink, On the button, On the edge of someone’s seat, On the flip side, On the fence, On the heals of, On the hot seat, On the off chance, On the lam, On the level, On the other hand, On the QT, On the rocks… You see what I mean.. and the list goes on. But if you only own the Original Volume (as thousands of folks do) you only have nine of them! That’s why it’s so important to own them all!. And a signed copy of Volume III can be pre-ordered right now by simply emailing me at, then sending a total of only $25 via PayPal to . Don’t send a PayPal to! I won’t get it! It will be released soon!

This is the only detailed encyclopedia of origins of sayings in the world. Other books don’t go this deep, and a lot of online information is incorrect! Revised copies of the first two Volumes will soon also be out, then the Index!



Local Resident Wins Princeton’s Highest Undergrad Honor!

I am so blessed that one of the avid owners and readers of my Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions series, Newby Parton,  has been awarded the Moses Taylor Pryne Prize by Princeton University! Established in 1921, this honor from one of the nation’s most prestigious universities recognizes students for character, academic excellence and leadership. After graduation, Parton, who has also been given a full scholarship to obtain his Masters, plans on becoming a civil rights attorney and pursuing a Federal Judgeship. Accolades have come in from numerous prominent persons.

In addition, Newby has served as head opinion editor The Daily Princetonian, for which he won the John V. Fleming Writing Award in 2015!

Parton is the grandson of the late great Bobby Newby, highly acclaimed local coach and radio personality, and son of Denise Newby and Kevin Parton. The following works to get to the full story, but must be copied and pasted to your browser.

At least one scary drama will end well on Halloween

For the past few months I have been faced with two grossly different but equally scary situations. First my main computer hard drive crashed with some important files which had not been backed up. This proved to be a difficult recovery situation. Then I began having health issues, the origins of which also have been difficult to determine. In both cases original attempts proved futile.

After seeing three doctors, I am having my second procedure on Halloween to try to find out how to treat my tricky health problem.

The other issue, however, should be resolved that same day. The files were recovered through a nationally known, prominent recovery service, shipped out and scheduled to be delivered on Halloween. So, provided my health issues can be soon resolved I will be able to return to work on my third and final volume of Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions and the needed changes in Gerald Sinclair and Rondo B B Me‘s epic tome The Enigmatic Sinclairs, original volume!

In the meantime, my two associates, Michele Doucette, Editor in Chief of St. Clair Publications and Graphic Artist, Kent Hesselbein continue to do a splendid job of putting out great new books! More about that soon!

Thanks for viewing my blog! Best day ever!

A big thank you to patrons of our website and the readers of this blog! The St. Clair Publications site itself has had  202,600 hits since it was reformatted by our wonderful graphic artist, Kent Hesselbein, and the blog, put up later, has had well over 8,500 reads. Yesterday was the best day of all with 62 blog readers, and more already early this morning, thanks to the post about Michele Doucette!

More great posts are just around the corner. Wonderful books are in process of preparation for publication, and now, with the addition of 100 new ISBNs, we are ready to take off!

Stay tuned for more announcements, and go to our website at http://stclairpublications,com to shop our huge selection of individual paperbacks, sets, ebooks and gift certificates!

Congratulations to Michele Doucette!

As mentioned earlier, big changes are happening at St Clair Publications! In addition to new titles being added and 100 new ISBNs being ordered, Michele Doucette has been appointed as Content Manager and Editor in Chief! 

Michele holds a Master’s Degree in Literacy Education from Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, Nova Scotia). A native of Truro, Nova Scotia (referred to as Cobequid during the time of the Acadian people), she has been living on the west coast of Newfoundland since 1985, and is in process of returning home to Nova Scotia. Previously employed as a Special Education teacher, she feels blessed to have worked with such Mighty Spirits. She is the author of a large variety of books, primarily related to mind, body and spirit, available from St. Clair Publications, Amazon and other retailers. Congrats to Michele on being appointed to this important position!

Michele Doucette