Speaking for Local Genealogical Association

Yesterday I had the privilege to be the co-guest on a local radio show called Behind the Mic along with local Genealogical Association officer, Marian Spieks. I shared a bit about how family study went hand-and-hand with my getting into publishing books.

Tomorrow I will be the feature speaker at their monthly meeting. It is always a pleasure to accept speaking invitations when time and place will cooperate with my schedule. Being a member of numerous groups (this not being one of them), it is sometimes difficult to work out my schedule.

Helping others fulfill their dreams is a big part of my motivation in doing what I am doing. My own books continue to be a pleasure to write and promote, but I’m not like the guy in the joke who was asked to say a prayer which went something like this: “Dear God, bless me and my wife, my son, John, and his wife, us four and no more.”

I’m doing this to help others reach their goals at minimum expense and achieve the best results possible. So if you want to get published, and think your book may fit into our market, please email me at stan@stclair.net, and see our website at stclairpublications.com. .

Never, ever give up –Diana Nyad

Just a few weeks ago, 64-year-old New York author and journalist Diana Nyad became the first person to ever swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida without a shark cage. Her first attempt was in 1975 at her age 28, after other remarkable feats had been achieved. Other attempts were made in July, 2010, September, 2011 and August, 2012.

After her great success this year, Nyad admonished others with life goals, “Never, ever give up!”

Now some are claiming she must have cheated. Why don’t we celebrate success? Three cheers for Diana!

Several St. Clair Publications books tell remarkable true stories about persons who overcame dire circumstances.

A Teacher’s Prayer by Tammy M. Brown is the moving positive adventures of Tammy as a young girl. When her father was killed in a freak accident, her mother went through great depression, anxiety and wrecking relationships. Tammy suffered much abuse and ended up in a children’s home. But one of her teachers didn’t give up on her. Read about the positive end results in a book that has touched many people.

Pieces of My Heart, originally published by Xlibris, is Katy O. Ishee’s true story of parental abuse, the birth of a child which was ripped from her, shock treatment given her to make her forget, and a lifelong search for her son.

Both of these authors have told their story in many publications and on TV.

My novella, Quinn, though slightly fictionalized for effect, is based on the true story of my mentally challenged uncle, James Lansing David Vinson (1917-1936), and how when he was taken away from the family, my grandfather refused to accept this and got him back, moving across the country. Without this turn of events, I would never have been born.

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Thanks for the views – and your business

St. Clair Publications is taking off. We have only had our new web site up and running for just over 1 year (we had another one before that, of course) and already the new one has had 27,775 hits. Every day a lot of folks take a look at our bright young company. Our business is growing and we have sold thousands of paperbacks, and many, many e-books, primarily on Kindle.

Within the past few days more authors than ever have contacted me personally about publication of their books. We have 12 new titles at some stage of writing or preparation for publication with new authors contacting me all the time. At a time when our economy has been at a near-standstill for four years, and when other publishers have folded or closed book stores, this makes me know that we are doing something right, First, we are the least expensive source I know about for a new author to get their work in print. Then we have top-quality books which people want to read. Some of our authors have been on TV, in magazines and newspapers with their books. Some have even received positive feedback from celebrities. And for anyone not wanting a hard copy, we can go straight to e-book format. We are POD (print on demand) so no large stockpile of books is required. In addition, for those desiring reprints of books, hard cover or paperback, within our guidelines, of course, we are your source.

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“Small Enough to Listen to the Author, Large Enough to Reach the World.”

Authors royalties

This morning was expended with accounting and paying royalties to those authors who have been successful in marketing their work. The turn of the month is a joy for me because I am able to return a large portion of the profits from sales of the books to those who deserve them–the authors. Being able to write well is a gift–one which our authors share with the world. I enjoy being able to help authors, both those who have been previously published and a good number who haven’t, but show great skill, to prepare their work for publication and get it out to the public at the most reasonable cost available. 

Our motto at St. Clair Publications is “Small Enough to Listen to the Author, Large Enough to Reach the World.” Our books, both paperbacks and e-books, are available worldwide. Promotional opportunities are available, simply because “No book sells itself.” Most successful authors set up book signings at libraries, museums, book stores and other outlets. A number of them have been on radio and TV promoting their work, and in newspapers and magazines. If you are a writer and interested in the opportunity to write and promote your own book. please contact me at stan.stclair@stclairpublications.com, or stan@stclair.net .

Follow that Star

The unforgetable theme from “Man of Lamancha,” The Impossible Dream” aka The Quest, has haunting lyrics. The chorus rings out to youth everywhere who truly have dreams that they are not willing to lay aside for their “Day jobs.”

This is my Quest to follow that star,
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far,
To fight for the right
Without question or pause,
To be willing to march into hell
For a heavenly cause!

Don Quixote was only a symbol of this resolve. Many real people in history have followed this path against the grain and the flow of society, and even lost their lives doing so.

I encourage the youth of today to stand up against injustice and prejudice and follow their dreams. My only caution would be that their dreams will lead to right and victory for truth and love.