Spoiled dogs and cats

Back when I was growing up on the farm, dogs were dogs and cats were cats. And we loved our animals and made sure that they got plenty to eat. But our cats weren’t too good to catch mice in our barn and sat around waiting for a small gift of fresh cow’s milk every milking. Our dogs still stayed fat and healthy on table scraps and loved to gnaw on a delicious bone when we thew them one.

Dogs and cats in America today are spoiled beyond belief. Our cat would turn up her nose at a fresh fish, and a mouse is, well…a little mousey. Certainly nothing we could hire her to chase should one be around. Our Pomeranian, who is over 100 in dog years, eats lunch meat, and now she gets tired of one type and goes on a hunger strike until we change it to another type. Such balderdash. Even our daughter’s Spitz, since I am taking her the leftovers of what our Pommy rejects, is getting picky about her Kibbles and Bits, eating the bits and letting the Kibbles stay in her dish indefinately. I say ENOUGH, BASTANTE, ASSEZ!  Our pets need to learn that they can’t be brand name shoppers in a bad ecconomy. I’m not ready for the Planet of the Apes, dogs or cats.

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