Michele Doucette books now on Kindle

This Christmas, the number two most popular gift was tha Kindle Fire.  Spiritual author and novelist, Michele Doucette, has just included four of her insightful works in those avaliable on Amazon Kindle. Some have wonderful color illustrations which will show up brilliantly if you own a Fire.

Her current Kindle e books are her first novel, A Travel in Time to Grand Pre; The Ultimate Enlightenment for 2012: All We Need is Ourselves; Turn off the TV:  Turn on Your Mind, and Veracity at its Best. Michele’s e books start at only $2.99, and are sure to keep your interest. Send a copy of one of these inspiring titles to your Kindle today and find out why she is so popular among young aspiring adults.



Major announcement!

If you’ve been hampered by the fact that you don’t have a Kindle and you want to own or give one of our ebooks to a loved one, the wait is over! Our eVolve eBook Division is now up and running at http://stclairpublications.com . The premier offering of 10 books is now live and may be downloaded to your Nook, iPad or any Anthroid electronic pad or mini pad. Simply go to the site, and open an account if you don’t have one. Click on eVolve on the left top of the Home Page and then click the title of the book, which will take you to ‘Add to your cart’ and either continue shopping or go to the checkout. 

Books available now are:

By Tammy Mentzer Brown, A Teacher’s Prayer (Best-selling true story of courage, faith and grace)

By Kent Hesselbein, Good to the Finish (True story of a missionary family) and Infidel (Great difinitive work on Howard Pyle’s classic Men of Iron)

By Rhonda St. Clair, The Darkness of the Sun (Moving Christian novel of a brave young girl)

By Chris Godwin, SHAKAR: Blind Ambition (British Adult sci-fi novel)

By Ron Cunningham and Stan St.Clair, Conspiracy in the Town that Time Forgot (Best-selling true crime drama)

By Stan St. Clair, On the Origin of the Cliches and Evolution of Idioms (Best selling phrase origin book),  On the Origin of the Cliches, All New, Volume II (New, more phrase origins), Beyond the Thistle Patch (True autobiographical children’s book)

By Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer(Immortal Classic) ONLY 99 cents!

Tell your friends…more to come! 


Cyber Monday – Get in on the Specials

Today is Cyber Monday and there are special deals staring at us everywhere online. It is a great time to get the hot prices before they vanish for another year.

While shopping today don’t overlook St.Clair Publiations. There are three ways to save.

First, the FIRST EDITION of Michele Doucete’s terrific original historic time travel novel, A Travel in Time to Grand Pre, a $19.95 retail value, is only $12.95 while limited supplies last.  

Secondly, order multiples of books directly from http://stclairpubliations.com and only be charged $3.00 postage total!

Thirdly, email me directly at stan@stclair.net and recieve information on how to save 20% on any of our books which are in stock here at our offices ordered today. You will receive a list of those available and the price, as well as how to get in on the Cyber Monday special.

Also, we now have gift certificates available at the site, and the eVolve Ebook Division is in process of setup!

The books just keep coming out – I am thankful

In the last few years St. Clair Publications has released 52 books and has two more in the final editing process at this date. A number more are in various stages of writing and preparation.

I am thankful as we near the Thanksgiving holiday that we are blessed to be able to continue operating our publishing business debt-free, with all expenses paid as they are incurred. At a time when traditional publishing companies with great trackrecords are shutting their doors, we are operating as we did when we first began to open our hearts to other authors in 2008. All books are printed on demand so no one is out big bucks for books lying on a shelf somewhere. Yes, we have books in a number of bookstores and retail establishments, and in libraries in the U.S., Canada and the UK. But we don’t owe a dime on the publication and have been able to keep expenses to a mimimum.

Though our on-site EVolve ebook launch has been slightly delayed, we expect that all technicalities will be resolved soon and the new division will make it even easier for everyone to own a St. Clair Publications book. We have many ebooks available on Amazon Kindle even now.

In the meantime, be thankful for what you have, be safe and enjoy the upcoming holiday!

Our three most popular books on Kindle

Though there has been a slight delay on the launch of our eVolve Division on the StCP website, we do have one great book available there now, Good to the Finish! by Kent Hesselbein. It’s a wonderful read with lots of true drama.

And our three best-selling paperbacks are on Amazon Kindle, at reasonable prices awaiting your Christmas shopping downloads. Conspiracy in the Town that Time Forgot, by Ron Cunningham and yours truly, is only $6,95 on Kindle. My best-selling phrase book, On the Origin of the Cliches and Evolution of Idioms and Tammy Mentzer Brown’s best-selling true story of broken youth redeemed, A Teacher’s Prayer are each only $5.95. So head on over to Amazon and download yours today!


Classic novels

One of the tasks that we are undertaking at St. Clair Publications is to publish in both high-quality paperback and ebook format a good number of classic novels which shaped our literary history. Already Men of Iron by Howard Pyle with a forward by Kent Hesselbein and Silas Marner by George Eliot with the forward by me are out in paperback, and I have prepared The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  by Mark Twain for future publication.

Now I am formatting and preparing the classic Abraham Lincoln novel, A Man for the Ages by Irving Bacheller (1919). Not much is known by many younger people about Irving Bacheller, but he was a great person in his day. After graduating from St. Lawrence University in upstate New York, where he was later granted two honorary Masters and two Doctorial Degrees, he founded the Bacheller Syndicate which popularized of such works as Stephen Crane’s Red Badge of Courage, and those of Rudyard Kipling and Arthur Conan Doyle. 

Bachelor was also the author of another popular novel titled Eben Holden. A Man for the Ages  is divided into three books; the first as a niave young man, the second dealing with his self-education, entry into the public arena, and the third with his rise to the presidency and his death. A lot of it deals with the division of the nation concerning the slavery issue. In my youth, my mother read this book to our family, and it had a powerful impact on my sense of values. Well worth the read when we get it out.

Spoiled dogs and cats

Back when I was growing up on the farm, dogs were dogs and cats were cats. And we loved our animals and made sure that they got plenty to eat. But our cats weren’t too good to catch mice in our barn and sat around waiting for a small gift of fresh cow’s milk every milking. Our dogs still stayed fat and healthy on table scraps and loved to gnaw on a delicious bone when we thew them one.

Dogs and cats in America today are spoiled beyond belief. Our cat would turn up her nose at a fresh fish, and a mouse is, well…a little mousey. Certainly nothing we could hire her to chase should one be around. Our Pomeranian, who is over 100 in dog years, eats lunch meat, and now she gets tired of one type and goes on a hunger strike until we change it to another type. Such balderdash. Even our daughter’s Spitz, since I am taking her the leftovers of what our Pommy rejects, is getting picky about her Kibbles and Bits, eating the bits and letting the Kibbles stay in her dish indefinately. I say ENOUGH, BASTANTE, ASSEZ!  Our pets need to learn that they can’t be brand name shoppers in a bad ecconomy. I’m not ready for the Planet of the Apes, dogs or cats.

A lot of us Americans have certainly had to not be so choosy, and many are downright hurting. That’s one reason that I am looking forward to our eVolve Division where folks will be able to buy any of our featured books for about $5.95 and classics, as they become available, for 99 cents. In the meantime we still have some genuine values and some excellent books at sale pricess at http://stclairpublications.com