Today it ends – Negative campaign ads

After two years of grueling campaining and attack ads, today Americans will have their final say on the most crutial election in US history. Like most Americans, I have my own views on who would better lead our country over the next two years, and I voted early so I wouldn’t be ‘in the midst of the stream’ of voters standing at the polls today. But there is something about which I would like to express my great disdain. I hate negative campaign ads, no matter which party presents them. I think they should be outlawed.

An election should be decided on issues and the abilities of the candidates, no matter which party they represent. There are no doubt teams of researchers digging up dirt on the candidates and watching their every move to find some ‘slip of the tongue’ over which they can be ‘nailed to the political wall’ of goof-ups. Let’s face it, we have all done things which we would not want ‘shouted from the housetops’ or broadcast via TV and Internet around the globe. Would any reader like their past or their every word examined ‘with a fine-tooth comb’? So when you vote today, contemplate the issues in each race. Who has the best path to a better America? Not just in the Presidential race, but the Senate and other offices which matter so much. Who will work, not only with those of his or her own party, but ‘reach accross the aisle’ to try to pass laws and resolve issues of dire concern to our troubled nation and world. When you’ve done this, you will be better prepared to aid in the process of electing our leaders. Nuff said.

Most expensive election in US history- “What if?”

Yesterday money spent by the presidential campaigns and their super pacs exceeded 2 BILLION dollars. It’s hard for most people to think that high. The hype and expense is mind boggling, to say the least.

If we can get our minds off of the money and on the issues, we all need to speak our minds at the polls. Any other way to look at this is counter-productive. We can all shake our heads and say ‘what if?’ What if we could use this money on taking care of the problems our nation is experiencing? What if we could pull together to heal our nation? And on it goes. The problem is, that won’t happen because we have a divided nation on the issues. What we all need to do is to go out and vote for the team each of us feels will do a better job over the next four years.

I learned a long time ago that complaining is easy and it only makes us more bitter. Remember, ‘if it is to be, it’s up to me.’

Early voting

For some, early voting in the US Presidential race has already begun. Here in Tennessee, it begins soon. I have friends on both sides of this race, but I still feel like it is the duty of every American to get out and vote.

Tonight there is another debate being held, this time in a ‘Town Hall’ format in New York. If anyone is still undecided, listen carefully and make your choice based on the issues. This is too clear a choice, too closely contested and the stakes are too high not to participate if you are a registered American voter. Rhonda and I will be getting out early, as usual. 

So, if you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain about our leaders. Who do you feel will do the better job of leading us out of the current economic crisis and getting our nation moving in the right direction? The choice is yours and mine. Express your rights or you may lose them.


Voting–it’s your right

We Americans are blessed to live in a free country where we have the privilege of voting for our officials to serve our best interests in government, locally, regionally, statewide and in a federal capacity. We here in Tennessee are two weeks away from our primary and local elections. Early voting is in progress and today Rhonda and I went to the polls and cast our votes. Several of the candidates, including our US Senator, I have met and spent a bit of time with. Knowing what the individuals who are elected to serve us stand for and how they fit the value system in which we believe is paramount to our selection process. If you have not yet cast your votes, please get out and take advantage of this great duty and privilege. Loosing it would be disasterous.