Kids say the darndest things

Many years ago there was a bubbling TV personality named Art Linkletter who had a show with children called ‘Kids Say the Darndest Things’ on which he interviewed youngsters and asked them questions designed to bring forth answers which would get chuckles from his audience. I loved watching it when I was a young man.

But when there is no concerted effort to provoke children to say something comical, many times they do anyway. My two young grandkids have come up with some doozies. I won’t mention their names, but these are l true.

The most recent one was just this week when my wife had stayed with them two days while the parents worked. The first day they were difficult to handle, she told our daughter that evening what she had encountered, and that she certainly needed them to be on better behavior the next day they were to be in her care. Luckily, she must have conveyed the message in a fashion that did the trick.

That day she had left when their father returned, and let their mother know by phone that the problem had been solved, and the children were little angels that day. After our daughter got home, she told her four-year-old daughter, “Well, I heard that you were good for Nana today!”

The little darling cocked her head and said smugly, “How did you know? Did you see it on spacebook?”

I’ll just mention one more here. When the little boy had gone to his first day of kindergarten, he came home and told his mother he didn’t like it.

She told him to hang in there. He would make some friends and she was sure he would learn to enjoy his new venture.

“OK,” he said, “I’ll give it three days, and if it hasn’t gotten any better, I’m gonna retire.”