Being Thankful; Using Our Talents

With all of the horrible tragedies happening in America and around the world, it makes me thankful for the many great privileges most of us still have. I have a comfortable home, cars to drive, plenty of food to eat, a wonderful family, reasonably good health, and friends that care what happens to me. I even have many books to read and the ability to read and write.  These things are some of the basics .I have been able to travel and visit some amazing places, in about 44 states and ten foreign countries. I have also been blessed with a measure talent, as have all.

It is how we use our talents and abilities which give us satisfaction and peace of mind. I have learned to work by priorities, and review each day at its close to assess the accomplishments of that day, and meditate on the peace which I feel from it.

I created St. Clair Publications after a long and satisfying career in insurance sales and management during which I was able to help others reach levels of success, and thousands of people to prepare for the inevitable through life insurance and other protection plans. Through writing and publishing my books and those of others I have also helped thousands of other people. Those who read the books which improved their lives, and gave to many knowledge and self improvement, and also to our authors who have achieved the peace of mind of knowing that an item on their ‘bucket list’ was marked of, and the knowledge that their dreams helped to give them fulfillment and was enjoyable to others. If you haven’t yet done so, whether you are an aspiring author of an avid reader, check out We are big enough to reach the world, but small enough to care for each person. 

My Sincere Thanks and Wishes

As 2015 draws to a close I want to sincerely thank the thousands of people who have chosen to purchase books published by St. Clair Publications.My goal for sales of Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions for the month of December has already been exceeded, and I am thrilled that folks have not stopped buying this book after Christmas. May 2016 bring happiness and prosperity to all of my family (both literal and our family of authors) and friends.



Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a special day in America for giving thanks for our many blessings, both as individuals and families, and for our great heritage as a nation. I encourage everyone to take the day to reflect on the positive in their lives and count their blessings not their sorrows. Happy Thanksgiving, America! And may the future bring many more blessings to each of our St. Clair Publications friends and family!.

My deepest appreciation

Most Comprehensive of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions is surpassing my wildest expectations in sales for this Christmas season! It is great to go to the Amazon printer’s website and look, then again in just a while and see that 10 more have been ordered. My deepest appreciation to Amazon for their promotion and to those who have selected this book as the one in its field that stands out above the others to order for their loved ones for a gift.

When ‘Thank you’ is not enough

I have such a talented and dedicated staff and so many loyal readers and contributors to my material that a simple ‘Thanks’ is far from enough. Each of my associates is willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to help me make certain that our books, covers, and services are completed in anticipated time frames or earlier. The only factor I can’t predict accurately is the delivery of the physical products to the consumers–hard copies. That is in the hands of folks like the postal services, UPS and DHL. And even then, in most cases we are able to tell with fair accuracy when they will arrive. When they are drop-shipped from various locations by the printers, they usually give us a notification and a tracking number.

My wife, Rhonda, has been a constant inspiration and helpmate in the area of proofing. My son, John has also been excellent, even with some major edits, though he has now moved to another state far away, and is not able to be as closely tied to the books.

Kent Hesselbein has been so effective on so many levels that it is hard to begin. He did the setup for our blogs, web site and You Tube channel, He designs 90% of all the book covers we put out, and they are superb quality. He also does conversions to mobi format for Kindle. As if that were not enough, he is also the author of two excellent published books and is currently working on others. All of this while handling another full-time work envolvement in graphic design.

MIchele Doucette, a Canadian teacher, who has more books published with St. Clair Publications than I, also does mobi Kindle conversions and editing. She was our first author, after myself, to come onboard, and has been here ever since. She has been a true friend and helper in building our company to what it is today.

Steve St. Clair with Ion Leap has provided invaluable services in content management and promotion. He is also much appreciated.

And our many authors have made it all possible. Each one is important to me.

Niven Sinclair, a well-known entrepreneur, my British contributor, has been actively involved in promotions since 2009. This cannot be overlooked.

A number of persons in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe have shown outstanding support, and constantly ordered and read our books. Even some celebrities have given our authors plugs.

Where would we be without our friends?  Saying ‘Thank you’ is not nearly enough. I appreciate you all more than words can say.

Solitude promotes reading – Lincoln is larger than life at the boxoffice and in print

Rhonda and I have just returned from a long Thanksgiving weekend to our glorious place of solitude, the Cabin at the Pond. While basking in the whispering peace of nature one is bound to feel the greatness of a presence bigger than oneself. In our time of tranquility we grew closer to each other and the greatness of God’s marvelous creation about us.

We watched some new videos, rewatched some enjoyable ones and did some reading. Among the videos was Wuthering Heights, the bittersweet tale of the misguided love between a young heiress, Catherine, and a waif named Heathcliff brought to live with the family at their estate. Their twisted love destroyed them both as well as the lives of everyone around them. Yet even in such a weary yarn there are always lessons to absorb. The book by Emily Bronte is one of the most famous of all time and on the list of Classics to be published by St. Clair Publications in 2013.

But on a lighter note, while Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln‘ was one of three films which combined to make this Thanksgiving weekend the most profitable ever at the boxoffice, I was engrossed in a true classic about the man, Abe Lincoln, himself. The book, A Man for the Ages, by Irving Bachellor, which was one of the best selling novels in America in 1920, begins as Abe is a young lanky youth working in a general store in New Salem, Illinois. It is certainly worthy, itself, of being transformed into a movie, which could rival others in depth and power of lines. But it is already available at and on Amazon. Get it today or purchase one for a loved one for Christmas. I promise you, no one will be disappointed.

And if you ever get a chance, spend a weekend at Cabin on the Pond near Monterey, Tennessee. It’s a genuinely unique experience.

The books just keep coming out – I am thankful

In the last few years St. Clair Publications has released 52 books and has two more in the final editing process at this date. A number more are in various stages of writing and preparation.

I am thankful as we near the Thanksgiving holiday that we are blessed to be able to continue operating our publishing business debt-free, with all expenses paid as they are incurred. At a time when traditional publishing companies with great trackrecords are shutting their doors, we are operating as we did when we first began to open our hearts to other authors in 2008. All books are printed on demand so no one is out big bucks for books lying on a shelf somewhere. Yes, we have books in a number of bookstores and retail establishments, and in libraries in the U.S., Canada and the UK. But we don’t owe a dime on the publication and have been able to keep expenses to a mimimum.

Though our on-site EVolve ebook launch has been slightly delayed, we expect that all technicalities will be resolved soon and the new division will make it even easier for everyone to own a St. Clair Publications book. We have many ebooks available on Amazon Kindle even now.

In the meantime, be thankful for what you have, be safe and enjoy the upcoming holiday!

Do you believe in miracles?

This morning my wife, Rhonda, was running an errand for another lady, who had given her a one hundred dollar bill to purchase the needed items. When she arrived at the cash register and reached for the bill, it was nowhere to be found. Of course her first impression was, ‘How will I pay for this? I guess I will use my debit card and pay back the rest when I can take her the cash.’ Upsetting to say the least. Then she said a little prayer for guidance and ‘divine intervention.’ She then went to Customer’s Service who told her that a lady from another department had reported finding some money. When she got there, no one knew anything about it. Another prayer. Returning to Customer Service, she had them page the lady who had found the money. Upon arrival, she asked Rhonda how much money she had lost. When her response was ‘A one hundred dollar bill’ the lady reached in her pocket and gave it to her. Whew! A bit close, and certainly a boost for prayer and decent human nature.

So be careful as Christmas approaches. Some people may not be so honest! And keep a prayer in your heart.


St. Clair Publications author, Tammy M. Brown, interviewed on Birmingham TV

It is so exciting when one of our authors is honored by a TV news appearance. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Tammy Mentzer Brown’s book, A Teacher’s Prayer,  is already a great seller. Yesterday evening she was Interviewed on Birmingham’s FOX6 News. Her story is one which reminds us that even in the worst of circumstances, the care and prayers of others can make a huge difference in our lives. Since her school days when she was in the Presbyterian Children’s Home in Alabama, and had been the victim of repeated abuses, one of her teachers had been praying for her and she didn’t even realize it. After thirty years they were joyfully reunited. Thanksgiving makes us think of being thankful for the positive events in our lives. Share this one with Tammy.

Here is a link to her story as shared by the FOX News team: 


Home is where the heart is

Rhonda and I had a delightful stay at the Cabin on the Pond. We were in a different cabin–one right on the water complete with fishing poles (which we chose not to use) lots of friendly catfish which jumped up to devour the food we tossed in for them, and a calico cat, as hungry for attention as eats. And it didn’t rain at all like it usually does when we go. We took lots of pictures and left a bit reluctantly heading home. Rhonda named the cat Cali. The guest book told the various names other folk had dubbed her.

But while we were there, it was as much home as here. We took a Scrabble game, books (can’t forget them, can we) and movies. One lesson I have learned in life is the fact that ‘home is where the heart is’ is more than an old saying. If we accept where we are (even when it is not so pleasant, which I have done at times) as our station in life for the time, we can be content. Now that we are back in our own bed and in front of our computers at times, there is a certain amount of gladness just to be here, because our hearts are in everything we do.