Home is where the heart is

Rhonda and I had a delightful stay at the Cabin on the Pond. We were in a different cabin–one right on the water complete with fishing poles (which we chose not to use) lots of friendly catfish which jumped up to devour the food we tossed in for them, and a calico cat, as┬áhungry for attention as eats. And it didn’t rain at all like it usually does when we go. We took lots of pictures and left a bit reluctantly heading home. Rhonda named the cat Cali. The guest book told the various names other folk had dubbed her.

But while we were there, it was as much home as here. We took a Scrabble game, books (can’t forget them, can we) and movies. One lesson I have learned in life is the fact that ‘home is where the heart is’ is more than an old saying. If we accept where we are (even when it is not so pleasant, which I have done at times) as our station in life for the time, we can be content. Now that we are back in our own bed and in front of our computers at times, there is a certain amount of gladness just to be here, because our hearts are in everything we do.