Scottish Highland Games at Stone Mountain this weekend

For the past ten years I have been an officer with Clan Sinclair. We who take pride in our Scottish Heritage are likely to have such items as kilts for the men complete with kilt hose and sporans, and perhaps short coats and the like. The women don clan tartan dresses, and there are special pins for each clan. A lot of us belong to Scottish Societies and attend annual Robie Burns dinners.

Across America and in Scotland each year Highland Games and Festivals are held in which we man tents and eat traditional dishes like haggis. They not only have games like caber toss, stone put, and weight and hammer throw, they have sheep dog shows and Highland dancing and lots of bagpipes.

This weekend our clan and its chief are being honored at Stone Mountain, GA. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, come out and join us!