Do you believe in miracles?

This morning my wife, Rhonda, was running an errand for another lady, who had given her a one hundred dollar bill to purchase the needed items. When she arrived at the cash register and reached for the bill, it was nowhere to be found. Of course her first impression was, ‘How will I pay for this? I guess I will use my debit card and pay back the rest when I can take her the cash.’ Upsetting to say the least. Then she said a little prayer for guidance and ‘divine intervention.’ She then went to Customer’s Service who told her that a lady from another department had reported finding some money. When she got there, no one knew anything about it. Another prayer. Returning to Customer Service, she had them page the lady who had found the money. Upon arrival, she asked Rhonda how much money she had lost. When her response was ‘A one hundred dollar bill’ the lady reached in her pocket and gave it to her. Whew! A bit close, and certainly a boost for prayer and decent human nature.

So be careful as Christmas approaches. Some people may not be so honest! And keep a prayer in your heart.