It’s time for another hint…

One week ago today my post indicated that on March first I would be making a big announcement. We’re at the half-way mark and it’s time for another hint. My first entry on this mentioned my book, Most Comprehensive Origins of Proverbs, Cliches and Figurative Expressions. It also was splattered with expressions, some from the book, some not. That was meant to give a bit of a ‘shadow of things to come.’

Now I’ll drop another hint. ‘The best is getting better.’ At least my best. In the first year since the book’s release it has gained a lot of attention from folks of all walks of life. I personally know a lot of doctors who own a copy. Traditionally lawyers, ministers, entrepreneurs and other professionals are among the owners of my writings. This book has been called ‘the best book of its type’ and ‘just what I was looking for’ by people I have never met. That makes me very proud…and thankful. But doing a work like this takes a lot of dedication, time, effort and determination. It doesn’t just ‘fall into place.’

For those who have not yet purchased their copy I will unveil my news a week from today. For those who have, I also have good news. Stay tuned to my blog, and good reading!

Major announcement!

If you’ve been hampered by the fact that you don’t have a Kindle and you want to own or give one of our ebooks to a loved one, the wait is over! Our eVolve eBook Division is now up and running at . The premier offering of 10 books is now live and may be downloaded to your Nook, iPad or any Anthroid electronic pad or mini pad. Simply go to the site, and open an account if you don’t have one. Click on eVolve on the left top of the Home Page and then click the title of the book, which will take you to ‘Add to your cart’ and either continue shopping or go to the checkout. 

Books available now are:

By Tammy Mentzer Brown, A Teacher’s Prayer (Best-selling true story of courage, faith and grace)

By Kent Hesselbein, Good to the Finish (True story of a missionary family) and Infidel (Great difinitive work on Howard Pyle’s classic Men of Iron)

By Rhonda St. Clair, The Darkness of the Sun (Moving Christian novel of a brave young girl)

By Chris Godwin, SHAKAR: Blind Ambition (British Adult sci-fi novel)

By Ron Cunningham and Stan St.Clair, Conspiracy in the Town that Time Forgot (Best-selling true crime drama)

By Stan St. Clair, On the Origin of the Cliches and Evolution of Idioms (Best selling phrase origin book),  On the Origin of the Cliches, All New, Volume II (New, more phrase origins), Beyond the Thistle Patch (True autobiographical children’s book)

By Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer(Immortal Classic) ONLY 99 cents!

Tell your friends…more to come!