Writing a book…attitude is everything

In dealing with everyday situations there are a number of things that arise which are taxing. But attitude is everything in life. In writing a book it takes long hours and lots of patience. But the end result is worth it.

Having written many books I know how to overcome the obsticles that life throws one’s way in the process. On our site there are the end results of many who have seen their dreams come true through teaming up with St. Clair Publications to accomplish the desired product. It all starts with a tiny seed of an idea, and that small seed, like a grain of sand in an oyster,grows with proper nourishment. 

My new book, Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions has taken years to develop. Combining the work of my previous books with a multitude of new phrases and sayings, I have come up with a treasuretrove of information which has never been assembled quite in this manner. It will soon be out. I’ve had attitude checks along the way, but it almost a reality!

Yes, attitude can make you or break you. I have several authors in the process of making their idea a reality right now. Check out the links on our Home Page and if you don’t see what you are needing to know, contact me at stan@stclair.net and I can help you write a book and get your dream out of your mind and onto paper.

Writing a book

As both an author and a publisher for a number of years now, I’ve had a lot of people contact me about writing a book. Most of them feel like they have something to say that they want to tell the world. This is a noble goal, and because a lot of folks have it on their bucket list, it’s paramount to have somewhere to turn for guidance in the process who has the knowledge of not only where to begin, but how to put all the parts together and make the venture all it can be from writing the first line to marketing it.

Writing a book can be a frustrating experience, and one which can confuse even the most proficient writer. Then there is the sticky matter of getting it published. Traditional publishers turn down thousands of good manuscripts each day. Back when I wrote my first book, I was actually getting my manuscript read. Today, even that is highly unlikely unless you get professional guidance and choose a publisher who can get and keep you on the right track. But even more alarming is how much many ‘self-publishing’ firms charge for basic services.

All of these are reasons that if you want to write a book, or if you already have done so, St. Clair Publications is the ideal place to turn. Email me at stan@stclair.net for information…that’s free!