Promoting your book

I attended a webinar last evening with two very influential bestselling authors, Mark Anestasi and Australian, Cydney O’Sullivan. Cydney conducted the lion’s share of the webinar, and put out a lot of great ideas. I was very pleased to find that I am already using most of them…at least the ones pertaining to actually promoting books.

The premise of the presentation was developing a ‘platform.’ This refers to a base of followers and customers with whom to communicate via email, social networking and events. Accounts with various social networks are imperative to an author’s success.

One interesting fact was that the average book sells less that 250 books simply because authors fail to do their homework before writing and publishing. Another tidbit involved the fact which I have stated many times: NO BOOK WILL SELL UNLESS IT IS PROMOTED.

Then there is the part about why traditional publishers don’t have the funds to promote books like they used to. Cost of major media advertising is now so expensive that it is prohibitive. Amazon and the social media are taking over the marketplace. That’s where we shine, because that’s how we market. She also expressed the importance of author pages and web sites. Got it there, too. We provide each author with their own page on our site and they may also set up an Amazon author page with which to link their other sites. Come on board. We’ve got your back when it comes to promoting your book at St, Clair Publications!

Book Promotion Ideas

I’ve often told new and aspiring authors that just writing a book doesn’t insure its success. No book sells unless it’s promoted. Several of my authors have done just that and been highly successful.

One important book promotion idea is to have someone with like interests who has pull among those most likely to purchase your book do a review, either online, or in a printed publication. Katy Ishee is the author of Pieces of My Heart, a heart-rending true story of a young girl who got pregnant as a teen, then was not only forced to give up her baby, but given electrical shock treatments in an attempt to erase all memory of him. After that, she spent many years of wandering about the country, joining motorcycle groups, and searching relentlessly for her child until she found him. A number of celebrities and writers have endorsed the book. Recently, Toker, a member of the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club did a great story on her found at this site She has also been on television and has traveled around the country doing signings to promote her book.

Another of our authors, Tammy Mentzer Brown, tells her story with great emotion in A Teacher’s Prayer.  Though a vastly different type of writing, there are the common threads of childhood abuse and recovery. Her book has been so successful that she is traveling doing seminars at womens’ groups, churches, and even schools. She was recently on Fox TV in Birmingham, Alabama. That interview may be viewed at

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