Tips on How to Market a Book

Low Cost Facebook Ads

It seems everyone and their dog is on Facebook these days. When you signed up, did you know you might have given them the information that will allow them to find you with marketing messages? They ask new members to put in their interests.

If you told Facebook you’re interested in 10-speed bike racing, then Facebook makes it possible for those who make bike products to target an ad at you. You can see how these ads show up on the right-hand side of Facebook when I log in.

Imagine you’ve written a book on bike racing and want to reach people like me. Here’s a brief instructional video of how to set up a Facebook ad and market a book with it.

How to market a book on Facebook for free

Time to join those groups we described in the video. Become a valued member in them and begin to offer lots of tips and tricks from your book. If you’ve authored a recipe book, join several cooking groups and occasionally give away a tip from your book.

That said, these groups are like a party. If all you talk about is yourself, then you won’t successfully market a book via the group. Offer other ideas the group would find interesting. Support others with nice comments and help to share ideas and other things of interest. Be a good group member and you’ll be more valued when you do begin to use the group to market a book.

Watch this blog again soon for more tips on how to market a book.