Self Publish Your Book – Caring about the author

I recently got an email from an author wanting to get her book published. She had never published before and said that I would have to ‘hold her hand’ through the entire process. Well, that’s what we do. Figuratively, of course. We understand the uncertainties and anxiety which a new author experiences going down an unfamiliar road. But to myself and my associates, this is not a new road. We gently guide every new author along the path to publication. To us, you’re much more than a number or a way to make money. In fact, the actual publication of your book is free, and author services are likely the lowest in the industry when we are helping you to self publish your book. And you have a respected publisher and logo behind you. That’s because we don’t have to maintain huge revenues to survive, and our books are printed on demand.

So why not contact me at for full details on how we can get you published? Self publish your book within 30 days if it is ready to format. And if you have a complete Microsoft Word Doc and get someone else to a cover to our specs, it will cost you nothing to do the publication. Of course we do have all services, even promotions, available at budget prices.

Self-Publishing Your Book

The following was just posted on Michele Doucette’s blog, The Enlightened Scribe. It is indicative of the services and care given by our highly-competent team at St. Clair Publications.

In this day and age, self-publication with a POD (Print on Demand) affiliated company is the best way to go. There are no outlandish costs and there is no overhead.

The best decision I could ever have made, in this regard, was to sign on with Stanley J. St. Clair of St. Clair Publications in Tennessee.

St.Clair Publications was founded with the desire to help lesser known authors. With them, I am part of an ever-growing family.

Stan’s international associations and prominence in many literary and research organizations has allowed St.Clair Publications to offer a great opportunity to many, yet undiscovered, talents.

St.Clair Publications is associated and distributed through Ingram Books, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor Books, Amazon and many others.

I still consider it a privilege to have been the first published author with this company, their motto being … small enough to listen to the author, large enough to reach the world.

To date, I have published 2 books related to crystals, 3 historical (metaphysical) novels, 11 spiritual (metaphysical, inspirational) volumes and a single paternal genealogy tome, with two maternal genealogy volumes to follow suit.

All are available through Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble; at least, these are the online venues that I am familiar with.

Stan believes that a room without books is like a body without a soul.

Knowing how to read well before I went to school, I can say that I, too, feel the same. Even in this day and age of e-books, I would be lost without my hard copy for easy, and immediate, access.

Kent Hesselbein is a most gifted graphic design artist of over 25 years. We are honored to have him as part of the team.

As a new author of primarily spiritual, metaphysical, inspirational and visionary work, I want a cover design that is impressive, striking, riveting; one that immediatedly draws and engages the reader-to-be.

With meticulous attention to detail applied to every project, and impressive email communication between individuals, Kent is able to deliver; this is a man completely dedicated to his craft.

As I continue to write and publish, so, too, shall we continue to forge ahead together.




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