Making a Difference

In the famous 1946 Jimmy Stewart Christmas film, It’s a Wonderful Life, Stewart’s character, George Bailey, because of a tragic loss caused by his uncle’s negligence and the scheming evil of his enemy, Mr Potter, feels he has nothing worth living for and thinks of ending his life. But God sees the true picture and sends an angel to convince him that he has made a difference in the lives of numerous people in their small town. Each Christmas thousands of people still watch the movie and reflect on their own journey through this life.

It is good for each of us to reflect occasionally and remember in what ways we have made a positive difference in the lives of others. Sometimes I feel that I have done far too little. But then I realize that even I have made a difference in others lives.

At St. Clair Publications we strive to make a difference in the lives of aspiring writers by publishing at surprising low cost the work that these individuals feel needs to be gotten out to others. Have you had the dream of becoming a published author, but found that the big publishers are far too selective and don’t want to talk to you? If so, please email me at and I will get back to you about making a difference. Please visit our website and follow the links to get basic information on what we do. We do reserve the right not to publish work that we feel is pornographic, or may be offensive to our market.

Amazon makes sense

Why is it that every day folks are on Amazon somewhere in the world buying St. Clair Publications books in either paperback or Kindle? Well…the answer is simple. Amazon prints the lion’s share of our books and Kindle is an Amazon registered trademark.

Let’s say you are an Amazon ad exec and you want to promote a book of a particular genre. You have a choice of one printed and distributed by a major publishing company and one printed by a division of your own company. You have someone searching for a book on that subject. What Amazon does is send out an email to that customer promoting their own product. Amazon is doing so well that they are opening new distribution centers–two in Tennessee alone.

And we publish your book in POD free. Only Author’s Services and fees charged to us by others are paid by the author. Amazon makes sense, and St. Clair Publications makes a lot of sense. Visit our web site today at

Realizing your dream – Be published

Many a person has gone through life with a great personal ambition, and reached his or her twilight years without achieving it. I was a lot like thiat, myself. I always was drawn to the fine arts–drawing, painting acting and writing. I have done a bit of them all, and had ambitions to be a commercial artist as a youth. Though I did draw up some plans which became a reality, like a tourist attraction in Western North Carolina near my boyhood home; and though I recieved awards for art and later became a draftsman, that did not fulfill my longing for fulfillment of my dream.

I began writing poerty and songs as a teen, and one of my teachers dubbed me “the aspiring poet.”  Later a number of my verses would be published in books and newspapers. But although I submitted my first book to a publisher in 1974, and though it was read and commented upon, like so many hopeful, even good authors, it was rejected.

Today it is much easier to be published and follow your dream. At St Clair Publications, each author receives personal attention and is respected and not overcharged. I really think that our low-cost quality services and products are one of the best-kept secrets in the industry, so be sure to forget you read this…that is unless you want to write or genuinely care for someone who is talented and deserves to be published. Contact me personally at if you need more info.