Unconditional love

Early this morning I was lounging on the livingroom couch sipping java and intent on the weather forecast when our cat, Fonzi, jumped up on my lap and rubbed his cheeks against my somewhat whiskered chin. Then he settled down calmly on my chest, closed his eyes and started purring. For our furry friends, unconditional love comes easy. They care for us in spite of our numerous failures and even our occasional tirades.

With people, however, this doesn’t come quite as naturally. Not only are we quick to get our feelings hurt and our fur rubbed the wrong way, but even malicious tales which are spread by others, sometimes with no actual intent to harm, will tend to affect the feelings of one human for another.

Holding grudges is easy. Forgiveness and unconditional love, however, are the healers of humanity. Today, try forgiveness and love…you may be surprised at the result.