Being positive is the ‘only way to fly.’

In my personal experience I can well relate to a number of extremely negative events which took me into feelings I didn’t want to have. At times I have even felt depressed and alone. My mother’s death in 2000 was a prime example of a low point in my life. Rhonda and I were in Mexico on a company convention and had left word with a nurse at the facility where my mother was a long-term patient that in the event of a bad turn in her health they should call us immediately and we would immediately fly home.

When we arrived home, thinking all was well, we learned via an answering machine message, that she had passed away. Of course, I was furious, and hurting in the worst way. Had I had any idea that this was imminent we would have cancelled our trip. It was tempting to take legal action against the nursing home and the hospital, but I knew that wouldn’t bring her back. I simply told them what I had done, expressed my great disdain, and asked to speak to the lady who had been with her at her passing.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. I found it impossible to have a very positive attitude in view of such pain and grief. But I made myself react in a more civil manner than some would have and prayed for strength and healing.

It was a long road to personal healing, and has been very difficult, but I cherish the memory of my dear mother, and am thankful for her presence in my life.

When we nourish the positive and cull out feelings of hate and resentment the end result is always better.