Breaking into New Territory

I have just finished working up the royalty payments for St. Clair Publications authors for May 1st. It never ceases to amaze me the new territories that our books find themselves in. Besides thousands in the US, we have sold books in CanadaEngland, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, India, and Australia. But on today’s pay to author Michelle Doucette, I found that one of her books had sold in Brazil! That’s because she authors books with wide range appeal.

In order for a book to sell to more than a small base, usually around the author’s home, it has to have a subject matter that attracts the masses. Something that reaches out from an attractive cover and makes the public want to buy it. And then it has to be promoted. Several of our authors have their own websites, blogs, etc. Several of them have been featured in newspapers, magazines, television shows and or radio programs. This doesn’t happen by accident.

Since opening our services up to burgeoning authors in 2009, I have offered several things to authors wanting to be published. One is low-cost author services including editing and a great cover by Kent Hesselbein, our professional graphic artist; another is online promotion through our site, Amazon, and availability to other sellers. But even better, I publish the work free of charge once it meets our quality standard. I think even better, I offer the best advice I know how to the authors as to how to market their work.

If you have something you feel deserves being in print, contact me at In the meantime, go on our website at and see the fine books available through St. Clair Publications!

Thanks for the views – and your business

St. Clair Publications is taking off. We have only had our new web site up and running for just over 1 year (we had another one before that, of course) and already the new one has had 27,775 hits. Every day a lot of folks take a look at our bright young company. Our business is growing and we have sold thousands of paperbacks, and many, many e-books, primarily on Kindle.

Within the past few days more authors than ever have contacted me personally about publication of their books. We have 12 new titles at some stage of writing or preparation for publication with new authors contacting me all the time. At a time when our economy has been at a near-standstill for four years, and when other publishers have folded or closed book stores, this makes me know that we are doing something right, First, we are the least expensive source I know about for a new author to get their work in print. Then we have top-quality books which people want to read. Some of our authors have been on TV, in magazines and newspapers with their books. Some have even received positive feedback from celebrities. And for anyone not wanting a hard copy, we can go straight to e-book format. We are POD (print on demand) so no large stockpile of books is required. In addition, for those desiring reprints of books, hard cover or paperback, within our guidelines, of course, we are your source.

Check out our web site and you’ll understand what we can do for you. It is or you may contact me directly at .

“Small Enough to Listen to the Author, Large Enough to Reach the World.”

In Pursuit of Excellence

It is my personal goal to make every book published by St. Clair Publications the best it can be. Much time goes into quality conrtrol; editing and proofing.

My best-selling book online, by far, is On the Origin of the Cliches and Evolution of Idioms. While continuing my painstaking work on the ultimate tome on phrase origins, one which will hopefully set the standard in this genre for the Englsh-speaking world, I have made improvements on this original title several times since it was released just over a year ago. As new facts become evident I have made updates to the master file and submitted them to our printer so that future copies ordered will reflect these changes. That is what pursuit of excellence entails. And that is one great feature about our method of publication. Of the thousands of books that we have sold, every copy ordered was printed on demand.

If you are considering publishing a worthy book, contact me at I still review every submission and make a decision as to its publication–why? Because I want our new authors to be successful, and I want to select those which I feel will return the author a notable profit. However, if you don’t want to write and publish a book, you likely have a loved one who would enjoy receiving a HIGH QUALITY paperback–one which has acid-free heavy-bond pages and is perfectly bound for lasting pleasure. Visit our website and set up an account or go to any Amazon store in the US, UK, continental Europe or India. You’ll like what you see! Christmas will be here ‘before you can say Jack Robinson.’

Amazon Author Page: is America great, or what?

Amazon is a great partner in my books. My Author Central page has been up for a few years, but they are now making it even more easily accessible to my readers. It is now available at just a click of the mouse at . If you save this link once you are there it will be easy to see what’s there in my name. Amazon and St. Clair Publications; together we reach the world.

But enough about me. The weather is lovely and it seems that fall is almost here at last. Tennessee is a lovely state and I really enjoy living here. We in America should enjoy our freedoms because every day people from less fortunate parts of the world are risking all just for the hope of living their dreams in our great land. God bless America, and God bless each one who takes the time out of their schedule to read what I write.

Our international market

It never ceases to amaze me at the world market we reach with our books. By industry standards, we are small and new. We’ve only been offering works of other authors since 2008. But our set up and arrangements help us reach the greater world markets. A great majority of our books are sold online via Amazon and other book-sellers, so these we are unable to trace. But through personal connections and our own web site we have sent out copies of St. Clair Publications titles to 30 states, the District of Columbia, seven Canadian Provinces, two Australian provences, England, Scotland, Iceland, Sweden, Portugal. Equador, Dubia, New Zealand, and now Mauritius. That one stumped me. I found that this is a small island country some 540 miles east of Madagascar, off the coast of Africa. And our books are offered on sites in several continents in continental Europe, Japan and India. I am proud of the legacy which we are able to create.

“Small enough to listen to the author, big enough to reach the world.”

Celebrities love our books

I am always tickled pink when I get a note from one of our authors that some celebrity is reading his or her book and giving positive feedback. This has happened several times. The latest episode was yesterday when I received an email from VJ Mack saying that 60s and 70s Mo-Town pop superstar Gladys Knight (a 2012 participant on Dancing with the Stars) is loving her novel, Black Fog, a time-travel mystery which is a bit racy in spots. VJ is a personal friend of best-selling author, Catherine Coulter, by the way.

Other celebs which have enjoyed our books include country star, Lonnie Mack, a friend of StCP author Katy O. Ishee, and George Cummings, also known as Doctor Hook, which posted lauding praise for Katy’s Pieces of My Heart on-line. Katy is also a friend of Little Richard.

Our books are in the hands of a number of well-known entertainers, including actors and directors. Twice I have been contacted by TV networks, and someday, some of our authors hope to have movie deals. No one ever knows what may come for getting one’s book into print.

Improvements to the site

Many thanks to Kent Hesselbein for the updates and improvements being made to the website at .

Not only have the new releases been added, but a new catagory, Classic Authors, is now there. One day at a time we are becoming a more effective showplace and more work is being added regularly to our available offerings.

Also, thanks to all of our authors for being a part of our family. Each one is appreciated and we stand willing to help where possible to make your work better and more readily available to those who would benefit from its ownership.


New releases

Every month we are releasing about three new titles. Sometimes more, perhaps some months, less. It is so exciting to participate in the birthing process.

One of our ongoing projects is classic literature. More than one book is being formatted and prepared at a time, and progress depends upon being able to work them in with new titles. Before the first of September we will be releasing both The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the timeless classic by Mark Twain based upon his life growing up on the banks of the Mississippi, and A Man for the Ages, Irving Bacheller’s enduring best-seller about the life of our beloved 17th American President, Abraham Lincoln.

Add to this a beautiful 8.5 X 11 full color children’s book, Prince Henry St. Clair, Earl of Orkney, by noted British faerie artist, Hazel Brown, based on the brave voyage made to the New World almost 100 years before Columbus, and you have a trio headed for success.

When new authors come to St. Clair Publications they receive one-on-one personal attention,  true value unbeatable in today’s publishing market, and worldwide distribution. Our motto is Small enough to listen to the author, large enough to reach the world.

Authors royalties

This morning was expended with accounting and paying royalties to those authors who have been successful in marketing their work. The turn of the month is a joy for me because I am able to return a large portion of the profits from sales of the books to those who deserve them–the authors. Being able to write well is a gift–one which our authors share with the world. I enjoy being able to help authors, both those who have been previously published and a good number who haven’t, but show great skill, to prepare their work for publication and get it out to the public at the most reasonable cost available. 

Our motto at St. Clair Publications is “Small Enough to Listen to the Author, Large Enough to Reach the World.” Our books, both paperbacks and e-books, are available worldwide. Promotional opportunities are available, simply because “No book sells itself.” Most successful authors set up book signings at libraries, museums, book stores and other outlets. A number of them have been on radio and TV promoting their work, and in newspapers and magazines. If you are a writer and interested in the opportunity to write and promote your own book. please contact me at, or .

E-books – The Future of Publishing

When Kent Hesselbein and I were discussing directions for St. Clair Publications on Thursday evening, one topic was the fact that some large Publishing Companies have filed for Chapter 13 protection under the bankruptcy laws. This is a shame, but it is caused by two major factors: the weak economy and the shift to digital books. Even a great many of the textbooks used today are e-books.

We already encourage authors to have their work converted to electronic format, and have a great working relationship with Amazon on Kindle versions. One of the directions we are looking at is a generic-type e-book format which can be sold on our website and those of our authors which may be used for a variety of e-readers.

Our goal is to not only stay strong in our marketplace, but to improve both our products and services for a stronger future in our electronic world.