Creatures of habit, my morning routine

If you are anything like me you have likely found that you are a creature of habit. This can be good, or bad–depending upon the habits that we form. Some are formed intentionally and some unintentionally. But when we repeat the same routine over and over we become accustomed to doing it and, like an old comfortable shirt, we find that we don’t want to get rid of it.

Every morning when I arise–more often than not, about the same time–I have a routine of ten acts that I perform, hardly thinking about it. One of these is using my eye drops, one is making coffee, and one is taking our little dog for an early morning stroll about the same circle in our neighborhood.

Do you do the same things every day with or without realizing it? You likely do. Have you discovered that some of these things you would be better off without? Very possibly.

You may find it helpful to examine your habits and see if there are some which need changing

One good habit is meditating on the positive things in your life and being thankful. When you find time, grab a book and read something uplifting.St. Clair Publications has quite a few such offerings. Visit us at today.