Free Publishing of Your Book

This post is for any St. Clair Publications author, present or future. One of my authors recently contacted me about needed changes to her book in order to comply with a contributors personal request. She asked me to remove her book from until the changes are made and resubmitted. I have complied with that request.

At any needed time I can remove any author’s book or books on a temporary basis. This is just one of a number of free services that St. Clair Publications provides for our valued authors.

Here are a few items an author should consider in choosing a publisher.

We provide free publication of accepted books. Remember, we do have a right to refuse publication based on content.

We provide author services if needed at very low cost. These include: proof reading and or editing; preparation of the manuscript for publication to required specs, cover design and preparation to specs, and some promotions. NO OTHER POD Publisher to my knowledge offers these services to their authors as low as we do. I challenge you to find one and let me know. If this can be proven, we will match any advertised prize on these services as long as I remain as President and COO.

We also pay a royalty which is the highest percentage of profit of any publisher I have found.

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