Does the Golden Rule apply on Social Media?

The past two days I was working at a club booth at a craft fair as a fund raiser for needy kids. A friend of mine was working his own large booth of hand-crafted wood signs and other finely crafted items, and I went by to talk with him for a while.

Somehow our conversation turned to how people treat each other with respect for our differences of opinion, and the topic of social media was mentioned, and the fact that many use it as a place to vent hatred and bash others for not fitting in the person’s own groove in beliefs regarding politics, religion, and other such subjects.

Well, I have many diversified friends who don’t all see eye to eye. Of course, I have my own views and beliefs, like everyone else. Though sometimes I express a few of them, I don’t show my disdain for those with whom I disagree all over the Internet.

I told my friend about recently seeing a relative at a funeral and telling her that I had not seen her on a certain social media site. She told me that she wasn’t there because her life was no one else’s business. I told her that she was right, but that I didn’t plaster my personal life all over the net. I post positive items which I feel will help others rather than cut them or give them something to cut me for. That’s one thing I do appreciate about America…we all have a right to our own beliefs and opinions.

I may not agree with your opinion, but I will fight for your right to have it.

In the meantime, show positive vibes on social sites and check our great books at and Amazon and  other online booksellers.