Planning a new book

As I mentioned earlier, along with the other projects I have going, I am putting together an exciting new novel titled, All That Glitters. It is so different and so moving to me as an author, that working on it gives me great pleasure. I anticipate the final result.

When planning a new novel, in particular, the first thing an author should do is to sit down and write a synopsis of the story line or plot. If this isn’t interesting, there is no use writing it. The author should determine the audience and who would have an interest in the story. Then, develop in his or her mind the characters and how the fit into the whole plot. Next is to develop a first line that sucks a reader in and gets his or her attention from the first word. Each paragraph is important–there should be no place which loses the attention of the reader. Each chapter should end on a high note which makes the reader want to go on, or to return soon. And the story must flow well.

Good writing, authors! And look for this book before the holidays at the end of the year!




A Writer’s Tool Kit

One of the relaxing things I am doing this week is reading an excellent book on writing by Carroll Dale Short entilted “A Writer’s Tool Kit” which outlines and expounds on the principles of improving writing. Though I found that I am already practicing a number of these techniques, I am benefiting from going through these practical points. I would highly reccommend it to anyone who writes or has aspirations to do so.

I am pleased that the rain expected from Beryl have held up and the streams of morning sunlight are pouring through the blinds behind me. I hope all have a great Memorial Day, and remember our soldiers in harm’s way.