Upon what should our minds dwell?

I have written easy-going metric poetry since my youth. I was influenced by such people as Lewis Carroll and Nathaniel Hawthorn, though I enjoyed the likes of Poe. I just wrote a poem which I wanted to share. Sometimes I think we get so serious about life that we don’t enjoy the good things.


I realize our turtles are rightly tortoises,

I know that our rabbits are hares.

It’s true that our blackbirds are starlings,

But Darling, I don’t really care.


I know that today was tomorrow yesterday,

And that we will never move to there—

The future is a mist we all must wander through,

But frankly my dear, I don’t care.


It is only for Love that we should live our lives,

Some days are murky; others fair.

As for the trifling angst of pampering everyone,

Frankly I have learned not to care.

6-24-15, 7-8-15

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It Always Makes Me Smile

Are there a few things that always make you smile? There are for me. When someone tells me how smart or how good-looking one of my grandchildren is, that sure does it. No one can resist a little ego-boosting comment, especially when it comes to our children or grandchildren. We all think ours are superior, and if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be exhibiting the natural pride that comes with having offspring.

Another thing that makes me smile is when I see or hear and unsolicited compliment about something I have crested. During my younger days it was my art work or poetry. Lately is is mostly one of my books. But Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions has raised the bar for me in that respect and made me thankful that I persevered and gave the work my all. Day before yesterday I was out driving and heard it being used on the radio. Of course I smiled. Last night I was doing a search on my phone and found a blog about Kindle books in which the author listed it as standing out, among all dictionaries offered on Kindle Unlimited in the UK. It was listed as number two among 16 outstanding dictionaries in all categories. Of course this made me smile.

I am presently researching more phrases for insertion in the second revision of the paperback version which will be released later this year. At the same time I am working on Book II of the Exploring Our Exciting World series, while writing is also taking place by others on Book VII which will likely be released early. Tomorrow I will be on a radio program talking about Book I which has already been released, as well as announcing some of the sayings which will be included in the next revision of  Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions. My work is a pleasure. And when that is the case, we can smile more often. Visit our website at stclairpublications.com or see our great selection of books on Amazon sites around the globe.