Interesting widespread urban legend

In doing research for a future book today I came upon an interesting urban legend.

A large number of states have stories of babies dying on bridges, producing rumors that these bridges were haunted and the cry of the babies could still be heard. In Anderson, South Carolina (1850s—a mother reportedly threw her baby off the bridge after her husband died in the war); on White Lick Creek in Anderson, Indiana (a baby died in a car crash); near Smyrna, Delaware (a mother reportedly threw her baby off the bridge). These bridges, and many others, are all nicknamed ‘Crybaby Bridge.’ In Ohio, there are said to be no fewer than 24 ‘crybaby bridges,’ and it is heralded as the most widespread urban legend, by far, in the state. Salem, Akron and Lima are but a few of these locations. In each case, it is alleged that sounds of crying may be heard from the bridge. Other states with such legends include New Jersey, Illinois, Oklahoma, Georgia Alabama, and Texas. A separate stream in Lufkin, Texas is called ‘Crybaby Creek’ for the same reason.

Perhaps I should have saved this for Halloween or at least Friday the 13th of July. But it came up now, and I wanted to share. Reading can enlighten our minds and enrich our knowledge. Check out our huge selection of books at . If you have Kindle, most of them are available in that format on Amazon worldwide.