Special Days of Remembrance – Gone But Never Forgotten

Days are remembered for both the sad and the pleasant thoughts which go along with them. The one year anniversary of my son Scott’s death has just past, on August 3rd, and I chose not to go to that place of sorrow online that day. It just hurt too much, and he left us far too soon.

But today is a special day for a better reason, yet with it comes also the missing of another very dear family member. Today commemorates the 106th anniversary of the birth of my mother, Trula Vinson St. Clair. She was born at home in Ducktown, Tennessee on August 6, 1909. From there she traveled with her family across the country to Montana where her father took up a homestead. Then they moved to Sheridan, Wyoming where she graduated with a special certificate in Normal Training- teaching. She first taught schools in Wyoming, then Arkansas, and after graduating from business college, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee. She trained many women to take available positions while their husbands were away during World War II. She was in Who’s Who in North Carolina Education for teaching many illiterates to read and write. But when she and my father married in 1945, that ended her career. She became a wife and mother to the only child she ever had, and I am so grateful. She was a wonderful, dedicated mother.

She passed away in 2000 at age 90. Today I salute her memory along with the memory of my son Scott. Both of them hold a dear place in my heart, and their memory will live on as long as I have breath.