Outstanding Books: Number 9

This is the next to the last entry of our best selling books. I’m including this one because within the first week it made number one in its genre on Amazon, and in the month of March, 2020, its first month, it outsold any other single book published by St. Clair Publications. Kimberly Ann Elkins and Michele Doucette did an amazing job on this small, full-color book!


WORLD DOLLS: THE EARTH KEEPERS Paperback – March 6, 2020

by Kimberly Ann Elkins (Author)



 The Ancients believed that dolls carried a supernatural power. The dolls crafted by International Artist, Kimberly Ann Elkins, for the past 20+ years, are no exception. Each doll is infused with a vitality, an intensity, an essence, of its own. Each doll has its own story to tell. Interestingly, many dolls have already chosen their owners well before they are sold. As you allow the author to share the history and magic of these dolls, to share her craft, to share her thoughts, it is hoped that you, the reader, will find the doll that has been created for you.










Outstanding Books: Number 8

Today’s pick is Quaker to Catholic: Mary Howitt, Lost Author of the 19th Century by well-known British historian and biographer, Joy Dunicliff, and was released in London, printed and distributed by Ingram Books. It received a large spread in The Times, and rightfully so.

Joy Dunicliff has lived in Uttoxeter, East Staffordshire, England, for more than 50 years, where she is the local historian. She is an expert on Uttoxeter’s most famous nineteenth-century resident, Mary Howitt, and has previously published the Traveller on the Hill-top: Mary Howitt, the Famous Victorian Authoress and Mary Howitt Another Lost Victorian Author . Identifying with Mary for many reasons, viz women’s rights, writing and the gentry of the area, the study of these subjects drove Joy Dunicliff to write a fresh new biography centered around Mary Howitt’s conversion from the Quaker faith to that of a Roman Catholic not long before her death. We are honored to have her join our group of authors at St. Clair Publications. She is represented by Nucleus Agency.

Quaker to Catholic: Mary Howitt, Lost Author of the 19th Century


Book Synopsis:

Quaker to Catholic: Mary Howitt, Lost Author of the 19th Century, is a fascinating look inside the life of one of the most endearing figures of Nineteenth Century England. Best known for her classic children’s poem, the Spider and the Fly, She was a close friend of such figures as Charles Dickens, William Wordsworth and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, she introduced the English version of Hans Christian Anderson’s tales by translating them from Danish.

She and her dedicated husband, William, helped get many well known authors of their day into print. A great champion of women’s rights and abolition of the slave trade, she became friends and an associate of Hariett Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Uneasy with the practices of the Quakers in relation to clothing and rights of women, she finally converted to Catholicism before her death in 1888 at the age of 89.

Quaker to Catholic: Mary Howitt...

Outstanding Books: Number Seven

Book number seven is Secrets from Beyond the Chair by Cherie Jobe, who worked tirelessly in women’s conferences, making this book has highly successful.

As an unwanted child, an abused wife, and a single mother, Cherie Jobe tried to compensate with the various lies that promised to fill the emptiness, but found that, in reality, these lies take women lower and lower into depression and feelings of worthlessness. When Cherie was willing to make radical choices, the result was a brand-new confidence and a freedom to be who God had designed her to be. Now a happily married wife and doting mother, Cherie has served in ministry director positions in churches and traveled all over the country sharing her story and the wisdom she’s gained through an imperfect life. As a speaker and author, Cherie’s friendly smile, honest transparency, and genuine love for women—along with her Tennessee twang—endear her to audiences wherever she goes. She speaks to thousands of women annually, encouraging, giving hope, and helping each woman to come to terms with her own life’s secrets.

Secrets from Behind the Chair


Through a series of heartrending secrets, Cherie Jobe offers the gifts of hope and wisdom, teaching how to be content, peaceful, and strong, even during the bad hair days of life. Her 30 years behind her hairstylist’s chair have given Cherie volumes to share. Having learned the “hard knocks way,” Cherie offers friendship, candid humor and wise counsel when clients reveal childhood tragedies, relationship troubles, and deeply hidden hurts. In shared stories of secrets no longer feared, these ordinary people find extraordinary strength in hope, love and forgiveness.
Secrets from Behind the Chair

Outstanding Books: Number Six

Today’s pick is one that I coauthored with the late Ron Cunningham. Conspiracy In the Town that Time Forgot was the first book published by St. Clair Publications that was heralded as a “Hot New Release” by Amazon. It is printed and distributed by both Amazon and Ingram Books. It is available in both paperback and Kindle versions and has sold thousands of combined copies in both the U.S. and the U.K. This book became a recommended read for students in criminal law and was carried in the library and book store of a well-known Junior College.

We did two other titles together. We had numerous book signings at junior college campuses, book stores, a historic museum, a jail  a hospital and a court house.Our books brought us together as best friends. I dearly miss him.

Conspiracy in the Town Time Forgot



Book Synopsis: In the spirit of “Walking Tall”, Conspiracy in the Town that Time Forgot is a powerful drama, based on a true story, thirty years in the making. A small-town sheriff with a reputation for being tough on crime uncovers an interstate theft ring, and a contract is soon out on his life.

The hottest undercover legend of the day, a savvy cop and a top agent with the ATF (Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), team up with the FBI and the TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) to run a highly successful sting operation. The information obtained as a result aided in the political demise of a governor. A must read for students of history and the legal system in America.

Conspiracy in the Town Time Forgot


Outstanding Books: Number Five

Today’s selection is A Teacher’s Prayer by Tammy Mentzer Brown. It is the true story of how she found meaning and purpose in her life in spite of the odds being against her, going on to receive her MBA. Now with four books to her credit this was her first. She received great praise touring schools, children’s homes, and churches, and appearing on Birmingham’s Fox TV affiliate to tell her story.

A Teacher’s Prayer


When a young girl’s life is turned upside down at the age of four, it sets the stage for a life that only the grace of God could right. At home, school and even at church, she would suffer some of the most common and often unspoken abuses that still occur in our society today.

Yet somehow faith, love and kindness seems to fight its way into her life, in the form of friends, teachers and other good Samaritans who followed God’s guidance to intercede. Come follow the inspirational true story of hope, courage, and second chances lived out loud and see how the power of prayer from an unlikely source paved the way for a new life.

A Teacher's Prayer

Outstanding Books: Number Four

Pieces Of My Heart


Katy O. Ishee was born and raised in Wauchula Florida. She attended St. Leo College in Florida, and Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. She has written for The Herald Advocate, Tampa Tribune, Beverly Hills Inquirer and the Citrus Chronicle.    Pieces of My Heart is Katy’s first book, and was previously published by Xlibris Book Publishing Co. of Bloomington, IN.

Back in the ’70s Katy was a double for Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan of Mash (Loretta Swit), and appeared in many events in California. This book has been highly praised by  celebrities like George Cummings of Dr. Hook.

Book Synopsis:

Pieces of My Heart
A true story When 17-year-old Katy is forced to surrender her son to strangers, her life becomes a web of secrets, lies and rebellion. Learn the hidden, yet true, secrets of how unwed mothers were treated by the System, and what actually goes on in government-approved mental wards. Take a trip with Katy to Haight-Ashbury during the historically pivotal Summer of Love, her long, strange trip through the brotherhood of motorcycling, four abusive marriages, dope and booze . . . nomadically headin’ down many highways, back-and-forth, stubbornly refusing to give up on her dream, everything hinging on her search for her only child. Journey thru Katy’s heart, mind and soul: she leaves no detail unturned, no emotion left unsaid in this gut-wrenching true story. Katy shares her experiences with us as waves crashing over the seasons of her life that make us feel we are being skinned alive without the benefit of anesthesia.

Pieces Of My Heart

Outstanding Books Number Two

Today I want to feature a book which has been called the best book about the SInclairs in 300 years. It was thoroughly researched and compiled by noted scholars Gerald Sinclair (KL B) and Rondo B B Me (MA History) of Australia. It has sold all around the globe and continues to sell.

The Enigmatic Sinclairs: Volume 1


New Edition Released January 2018

Enigmatic Sinclairs – a definitive guide to Sinclairs in Scotland, is based purely on primary source evidence garnered over 11 years painstaking research, supplemented by a few quotes from rigorous historians (a rarity) such as Geoffrey Barrow and those who worked with him. Author’s comments are at an absolute minimum as we found such a wealth of material the facts in chronological order present their own narrative. Prof Hugh Montgomery PhD Dipl CL.Ing Com FSA Scot in his foreword says “It is such a pleasure to see authors produce a book based entirely on original research and using original sources without the myths and tall tales told by so many when writing their family history ……. I believe this will become one of the foremost sources and examples to future family historians of how to produce a family history” Malcom of Caithness in his foreword says “book is such a useful breath of fresh air as they have taken endless trouble to go back to primary sources for evidence and have shattered a lot more myths in doing do, but have also discovered fascinating verifiable truths about the Sinclairs hitherto unpublished……..they have sought to follow those famous words carved in stone on an architrave in Rosslyn Chapel built by my ancestor , the first Sinclair Earl of Caithness, in the mid – fourteen hundreds “Truth conquers all” This 461 page volume covers from first recorded Sinclair presence in Scotland to just after end of the 15th Century and is in 3 parts Part A The Kings of Scotland – 4 chapters Part B The de Moreville Family to Sir Alan of Galloway – 1 Chapter Part C The Sinclairs – 3 Chapters c1160 – 1296; 1296 -1371; 1371 -1507

This book which was officially released to a select group at a personal book signing and talk by author Gerald Sinclair at the Rosslyn Chapel Visitor’s Centre and Bookshop on the evening of Tuesday 6th October, 2016 and was revised in January 2018. A Second Volume will be forthcoming.

The Enigmatic Sinclairs: Volume 1

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Since our present website went up there have been nearly 131,000 views, and my blog has received well over 5,000 hits. I want to thank those who have been to our site, and even more the ones who have ordered books on the site, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online booksellers, at book signings that I and other St. Clair Publications authors have held, or at retail outlets. There is no way currently to get an exact number of books we have sold in the past few years, particularly since our entry to accepting our first outside authors in 2009. But there have been been a very great number. Every day someone buys our books. A majority are purchased in the USA, but many have been sold in outer countries such as Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, India, Brazil, and the list goes on. My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have kept our little company in business and continue to purchase our books and ebooks!

Most recent releases include Exploring Our Exciting World Books One, Eight and NIne. Book Eight on Europe and Book NIne on East Asia have a variety of talented contributors. Then there is Coach There is Hope! a wonderful how-to book on coaching by Tennessee Technological University staff member, Dr. Lenise Rosemond; I Walked My Dog This Morning, a full color interior collection of my recent poetry; and 200 Celebrities Who Changed Their Names and How They Found Success, a unique pictorial book of intriguing facts about celebrities from all fields which has no equal in print.

All of there recent releases are for sale on Amazon sites worldwide. Then there are the old favorites such as Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches Proverbs and Figurative Expressions, my very popular book on common sayings used by numerous colleges and public libraries; Sleepers Awaken: Now is the Time to Create Your Own Reality and many other great sellers by Michele Doucette; Understanding the Crystal People by Genn John; Conspiracy in the Town that Time Forgot, the best-selling true crime story which I co-wrote with my late friend Captain Ron Cunningham which was recommended by a college for Criminal Justice students; A Teachers Prayer, the captivating true story of Tammy Mentzer Brown used in numerous group studies, Pieces of My Heart, the heart-wrenching true story about a mother’s search for her child which she was forced to give up for adoption by Katy Olaf Ishee; Off the Back of the Rim, a study in what makes a great athlete by Tennessee Tech Women’s basketball coach, Allison Clarke, Secrets from Behind the Chair, true stories of redemption told by beautician Cherie Jobe, and Infidel: Legends of the Men of Iron Book I, a sequel to the classic Men of Iron by Howard Pyle (also available from St. Clair Publications Classics division) skillfully told by Kent Hesselbein. These are only a few of the great books we have available at St. Clair Publications! Those who haven’t and those who want more, check us out today! You may be pleasantly pleased by what you see.