If you are only looking for cute anecdotes, don’t buy my books

“To be great is to be a nonconformist” is one of the entries in my new book, Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions, Volume II,  being released on August 25. This is actually a misquote of Ralph Waldo Emerson, nevertheless, it contains much truth. Some nonconformists actually have little to offer, but among them have arisen those who have “turned the world upside down” (another saying from the book).

On Amazon.com, 19 people have posted reviews of the original volume of this book. Of those, 15 have been five stars. The other three ‘just didn’t get it.’ One didn’t like it because it didn’t consist of all cute little anecdotes. Another didn’t  like the fact that some expressions were not included. The other said there was ‘no index,’ thus he could not use it as a reference.

Give me a break…Oh, yes, that one’s in the first book. The very reason that some may not appreciate this work which took many years of research is that it IS NOT just cute stories. In origins, these are the commonly passed down myths about how something started. If this is what you are looking for, please don’t bother to buy one of these books. I spent all the thousands of hours in research because all I want is truth.  I plainly stated in thee introduction to the first book that all phrases could not be included in one volume. I can only print so many pages at a time. And what about an index? These are dictionaries. No dictionary has an index. They are in alphabetical order!  If you want to find out the most likely origins of the things we say every day, do buy my books. Thousands have loved them. I appreciate all of those who do!

The Enigmatic Sinclairs Book Launch at Rosslyn Chapel Has Happened!

Today the long-awaited launch of The Enigmatic Sinclairs, Volume One, by Gerald Sinclair and Rondo B B Me has come. But even if you weren’t there, this great work will now finally be available on Amazon sites around the world! Order your copy today by copying and pasting the following link:



Thank You For the Shares and Clicks

I wish to thank all of you regular followers and many others which have shared my recent blog entry on Facebook regarding the upcoming launch of Gerald Sinclair and Rondo BB Me‘s new book, The Enigmatic Sinclairs, Volume One, which will be introduced at Rosslyn Chapel Book Shop on 6 October. It is being featured in the next edition of Roslin O’ Roslin, the Canadian Newsletter for Clan Sinclair there. Eleven years of research went into this book to make it  historically accurate and it will be followed by Volume Two when available, the next one to begin with the building of Rosslyn Chapel itself. Those in attendance of this special event will be in for a real treat as Gerry speaks and introduces the book.The book will go on sale simultaneously on stclairpublications.com and Amazon sites around the globe. My hat is off to these fine authors! Amazon editors have recognized it as one of the best books of 2015.