Orlando massacre calls for a new sense of values

Just two days after the senseless murder of Cristina Grimmie in Orlando, when no one expected that the city would see something so horrific again in the area in the foreseeable future, another young gunman commits a mass carnage in the same area. This time one tuned in to Islamic terrorism, and the worst gun violence in American history. I know that there is no ‘silver bullet’ to prevent such an event happening again. I know that it is not just an Orlando problem or an American one. The problem is multifaceted and worldwide. No one can put the blame on one group or ideology. First, hate of any kind, rooted in the heart , will only result in calamity. Each of us must determine that we will do our individual part to promote love for all, and guidance to productive lives, not hate for anyone. Second, we need to encourage our youth to develop a deep sense of value for human life, and the principles that our nation was founded upon. Until we do this, all has the likelihood of failure. Let’s let change start in each of our hearts.