Knowledge puts the brain in gear and Wisdom drives it on.

I am proud to be part of a community of authors who are dedicated to research and determined to burst myths and uncover truth about our past, our beliefs, and our world.

My phrase origin books have been the result of several years of dedicated research on my part, along with input of others and my determination not to accept the common teachings or myths passed down by others just because they are cute stories. My friends, Gerald Sinclair and Rondo B B Me wrote a delightful book about our Scottish Clan’s mysterious past in an effort to get to the truth It is called The Enigmatic Sinclairs, Volume I and a second volume is forthcoming. Gerry has a Facebook group called Truth Conquers All.

I, also, just released a second volume of over 1,000 new phrases and sayings with their most likely origins.The books are called Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions, and the original volume has had worldwide success.

I have just revised Volume II, and all future copies ordered will include my new copyrighted slogan in the front, Knowledge puts the brain in gear and Wisdom drives it on. Without increased knowledge we would never grow mentally. WIthout wisdom we could not properly handle the knowledge imparted to us. Reading and applying books which have been thoroughly researched will equip us for living a rich happy life. Order your copies of my books at or on any Amazon site in the world.