Time Marches On, but not in vain

As another year has almost gone, great strides have been made at St. Clair Publications during 2018. Wonderful, previously established author Rev. Dr. Jacqueline DeBerry has been added to our group with publication of her two fascinating full-color children’s books, StarJumper and StarJumper Goes to the Moon, as well as more great titles by others like Barry Page Mercedes Benoit-Penney and poet, Merrilee Bordeaux. Michele Doucette has done a fabulous job as Content Manager and Editor-in-chief, and Kent Hesselbein has designed many delightful covers. Kathy Ann Barney has also been a big help in editing my new book. I have just completed my 9 year study and publication of idiomatic English and popular sayings entitled Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions consisting of the Original Volume first released in 2013, compiled from studies done and published in On the Origins of the Cliches and the Evolution of Idioms, (a humorous takeoff on Darwin meant as a joke) over the past years, plus a lot more; Volume II made up of a ‘Duke’s Mixture’ of sayings from the US, UK and Australia; now Volume III, with lots of proverbs and well over 1,300 new idioms; and finally the Index Book for All Volumes. These four works consist of over 4,000 entries and over 2,200 pages in small print. It is truly the most comprehensive encyclopedia of figurative English in print, a fact which I am glad to challenge. I just completed updates to my Amazon Author page at amazon.com/author/stanleystclair . I am certainly excited about our future at St. Clair Publications; Big Enough to Reach the World, Small Enough to Care about Everyone!