Libraries and book stores

Most authors, like myself, are not hesitant to admit that they can amble into a book store or a library and get lost in time and space. I have been thinking today about my favorite book spots. As for libraries, I’ve been to some large ones and some unusual ones. When I started doing research on my family history in about 1972, the first library I went to was the huge one in downtown Atlanta. I found information that boosted my knowledge immensely in the Heraldry section. I later traveled to the public library in Roanoke, Virginia, near the ancestral home of my paternal line for the past 500 years. Then, when I was in Antigua, I did some searching in the library there on my wife’s ancestors who were once governors in Bermuda. Other favorite libraries were those at the Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina, and in Montecello, Jefferson’s home, and the Presidential Library of Woodrow Wilson, in Staunton, VA,  after whom my father was named.

The most remarkable bookstores I have ever been in were those in Beijing, China, which are about 5 to 6 stories high and chocked full of books in what seemed to be every language on earth. I purchased a number of dictionaries there which translate words from one language to another. Other of favorite places to purchase books are antique stores–particularly those in Ware’s Valley, Tennessee and Helen Georgia. I have found unbelievable books there, and have added to the antique section of my own library/office in which I now sit.

Books just have a way of taking us where we want to go. That’s why writing and publishing are so intriguing.