Kent Hesselbein – Brilliant author and artist

Infidel Cover

Sometimes we don’t do enough to express to the really gifted persons in our life how good they really are. Perhaps we have been warned too much about giving others ‘the big head.’ We have some very gifted authors at St. Clair Publications, but I felt it was time to relay my absolute fascination for the work of one of our own team–one who carries great weight when it comes to keeping our cogs in motion.

Kent Hesselbein works long hours as a creative artist. And his work is some of the best I have ever seen. He is also our webmaster. He designed and keeps functional our entire web site.

As if that were not enough, he is a most gifted writer. His first book, Good to the Finish, is a frank revelation of the sometimes grueling adventures of his family as he grew up, on the home mission field in the American South. To understand the significance of how hardships can mold a character and form a personality, reading this book is a must. It is available at our website at as well as Amazon and other online retailers around the world. You may also order a copy from any local bookstore, as it is distributed by Ingram Books.

His latest offering, however, is entirely different, showing just how versitile his skills really are! Infidel, Legends of the Men of Iron: Book One, is a moving page turner. The first in a series of sequals to Howard Pyle’s classic mideaval knight’s tale, Men of Iron, it is truly a work of genius. I can’t say enough about how this book flows with amazing dialogue and adventure. See for yourself by obtaining a copy today at or Amazon worldwide.

Getting Published FREE

Getting published in the twenty-first century is not the major problem it was a few decades ago. The real issue now is the cost. With the advent of Print On Demand, commonly known as POD, the traditional publishing houses who seem to thumb up their noses at most aspiring authors who have not proven themselves, have had to step back and take notice. In many cases, book stores are closing. There is also a major trend toward e books (which we also put out).

When POD publishers first showed up, they started socking it to new authors, many of whom were still left out in the cold because of thier inability to pay the prices they demanded. And their services were even more exhorbitant than the price of getting the books out.

St. Clair Publications was founded with the author in mind, utilizing a small staff of extremely capable folks, most of whom were struggling authors themselves, and who cared deeply for the authors who are on the outside looking in.

We even have a program for getting published FREE for those not needing any author services. And for those who do require a bit of help, I challenge any other POD publisher to dare to compete with our prices.

So if you want to get a quality work published, simply contact me via email at . I double-dog dare you!


Many exciting new books loom on the horizon

Having just returned to work after a relaxing extended holiday weekend away, myself and two of my associates have had our hands full with getting out several new releases and working on others. I have been spending long, but enjoyable hours at the main computer in my office, and it has not been without rewards. I have received one revision from an author and personally completed a new classic, and revised others, resubmitting four manuscripts, and the new classic to the printer. 

Coming very soon are:                                                                                                                              Pray Immanuel: A Supplemental Devotional to A Teacher’s Prayer, and I Pray Immanuel: A Leader’s Guide, by Tammy Mentzer Brown. Tammy’s A Teacher’s Prayer has been one of our best selling books to date.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, illustrated by W.W. Denslow, the timeless children’s fantasy classic which was the basis of the 1939 blockbuster movie, The Wizard of Oz, and a recent film.

All of these are currently in process of release, and should be available on Amazon worldwide and at very soon.

Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions, my huge tome combining three years of research is in final proofing and should be released in March. I will announce it then.

Men and Women of Renown: My Maternal Ancestry and Men and Women of Renown: The Companion Volume by Michele Doucette, a major member of our staff, are in final edits and should also be released this spring.

Just contracted and in the process of preparation are:                                               The A.C.T.S. of Prayer, a volume of poetical prayers by Peggy Ball.

The Prince of Kings, a surprisingly intriguing autobiographal work by Israel Stewart with my co-authorship.

Also coming later this year: Limericks, Jokes and Other Such Rubbish, another of my humerous works. Rhonda is also preparing a senior joke book which remains unamed at this date.

We are also negotiating for other books such as a hardback reprint of a Scottish Clan History.

The future with St. Clair Publications will not be dull. Stay tuned to this blog for the latest.



Realizing your dream – Be published

Many a person has gone through life with a great personal ambition, and reached his or her twilight years without achieving it. I was a lot like thiat, myself. I always was drawn to the fine arts–drawing, painting acting and writing. I have done a bit of them all, and had ambitions to be a commercial artist as a youth. Though I did draw up some plans which became a reality, like a tourist attraction in Western North Carolina near my boyhood home; and though I recieved awards for art and later became a draftsman, that did not fulfill my longing for fulfillment of my dream.

I began writing poerty and songs as a teen, and one of my teachers dubbed me “the aspiring poet.”  Later a number of my verses would be published in books and newspapers. But although I submitted my first book to a publisher in 1974, and though it was read and commented upon, like so many hopeful, even good authors, it was rejected.

Today it is much easier to be published and follow your dream. At St Clair Publications, each author receives personal attention and is respected and not overcharged. I really think that our low-cost quality services and products are one of the best-kept secrets in the industry, so be sure to forget you read this…that is unless you want to write or genuinely care for someone who is talented and deserves to be published. Contact me personally at if you need more info.


Will my book sell? What are the odds?

Less than twenty-four hours after Pope Benedict XVI announced to a stunned world that he would resign, bookies were already taking bets on who the next Pontiff would be. If someone had made a wager that this Pope would be resigning prior to his announcement, I’m quite certain that the odds would have been unprecidented against such a move, since it hadn’t happened in 717 years.

Yet, many writers spend months and even years writing books without even asking anyone ’Will my book sell?’ The novel upon which the 2012 hit movie, The Help, was based, was turned down by 60 literary agents before someone finally decided to give Kathryn Stockett a shot. Last year, a stuggling writer whom I know had a literary agent who had agreed to read his book and represent him. However, when time came to publish it, she told him that she would rather spend the money required to play the lottery. Why is this so tough?

Well, that’s simple. Just as in the entertainment industry, today the competition is more fierce than ever. Millions travel great distances simply to audition for TV competitions like American Idol and The X Factor.

FIrst, no book sells unless it is promoted. Secondly, it needs to have an audience, be worthy of purchase, readily available, and on a subject matter that is in constant demand. Poetry and novels are the hardest to work with. They have to be especially appealing to the desired audience. Unique self-help, how-to-do, reference, and historical works are appealing. Unique being the operative word. Will my book sell? you ask. Examine it in these frames, then make sure it is promoted. St. Clair Publications can help. Email me at .

Self-Publishing Your Book

The following was just posted on Michele Doucette’s blog, The Enlightened Scribe. It is indicative of the services and care given by our highly-competent team at St. Clair Publications.

In this day and age, self-publication with a POD (Print on Demand) affiliated company is the best way to go. There are no outlandish costs and there is no overhead.

The best decision I could ever have made, in this regard, was to sign on with Stanley J. St. Clair of St. Clair Publications in Tennessee.

St.Clair Publications was founded with the desire to help lesser known authors. With them, I am part of an ever-growing family.

Stan’s international associations and prominence in many literary and research organizations has allowed St.Clair Publications to offer a great opportunity to many, yet undiscovered, talents.

St.Clair Publications is associated and distributed through Ingram Books, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor Books, Amazon and many others.

I still consider it a privilege to have been the first published author with this company, their motto being … small enough to listen to the author, large enough to reach the world.

To date, I have published 2 books related to crystals, 3 historical (metaphysical) novels, 11 spiritual (metaphysical, inspirational) volumes and a single paternal genealogy tome, with two maternal genealogy volumes to follow suit.

All are available through Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble; at least, these are the online venues that I am familiar with.

Stan believes that a room without books is like a body without a soul.

Knowing how to read well before I went to school, I can say that I, too, feel the same. Even in this day and age of e-books, I would be lost without my hard copy for easy, and immediate, access.

Kent Hesselbein is a most gifted graphic design artist of over 25 years. We are honored to have him as part of the team.

As a new author of primarily spiritual, metaphysical, inspirational and visionary work, I want a cover design that is impressive, striking, riveting; one that immediatedly draws and engages the reader-to-be.

With meticulous attention to detail applied to every project, and impressive email communication between individuals, Kent is able to deliver; this is a man completely dedicated to his craft.

As I continue to write and publish, so, too, shall we continue to forge ahead together.




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Tips on How to Market a Book

Low Cost Facebook Ads

It seems everyone and their dog is on Facebook these days. When you signed up, did you know you might have given them the information that will allow them to find you with marketing messages? They ask new members to put in their interests.

If you told Facebook you’re interested in 10-speed bike racing, then Facebook makes it possible for those who make bike products to target an ad at you. You can see how these ads show up on the right-hand side of Facebook when I log in.

Imagine you’ve written a book on bike racing and want to reach people like me. Here’s a brief instructional video of how to set up a Facebook ad and market a book with it.

How to market a book on Facebook for free

Time to join those groups we described in the video. Become a valued member in them and begin to offer lots of tips and tricks from your book. If you’ve authored a recipe book, join several cooking groups and occasionally give away a tip from your book.

That said, these groups are like a party. If all you talk about is yourself, then you won’t successfully market a book via the group. Offer other ideas the group would find interesting. Support others with nice comments and help to share ideas and other things of interest. Be a good group member and you’ll be more valued when you do begin to use the group to market a book.

Watch this blog again soon for more tips on how to market a book.

Writing a book…attitude is everything

In dealing with everyday situations there are a number of things that arise which are taxing. But attitude is everything in life. In writing a book it takes long hours and lots of patience. But the end result is worth it.

Having written many books I know how to overcome the obsticles that life throws one’s way in the process. On our site there are the end results of many who have seen their dreams come true through teaming up with St. Clair Publications to accomplish the desired product. It all starts with a tiny seed of an idea, and that small seed, like a grain of sand in an oyster,grows with proper nourishment. 

My new book, Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions has taken years to develop. Combining the work of my previous books with a multitude of new phrases and sayings, I have come up with a treasuretrove of information which has never been assembled quite in this manner. It will soon be out. I’ve had attitude checks along the way, but it almost a reality!

Yes, attitude can make you or break you. I have several authors in the process of making their idea a reality right now. Check out the links on our Home Page and if you don’t see what you are needing to know, contact me at and I can help you write a book and get your dream out of your mind and onto paper.