Cash on the barrelhead

Most of the readers of my blog are not likely old enough to remember the popular song from days gone by, “That’ll be Cash on the Barrelhead, Son.”

On page 88 of 730 in my popular reference work, Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions, one may read the origin of the phrase, “Cash on the barrelhead.”

As I was preparing the Publication Agreement this morning for a gentleman who is coming by my office early in the morning to get us started on his autobiographical book, I thought about how we are able to keep our costs at a minimum and our royalty percentage at the highest of any publisher in the marketplace, to my knowledge. It’s the cash only policy. We don’t go into debt for anything. Every book which we order, every set up with the printer, everything we do, we pay “Cash on the barrelhead.” This means full payment for products or services at the time of receipt. So if you want the most reasonable author services, FREE PUBLICATION and the highest percentage of royalties to company profit, email  me personally about your upcoming book at .

Never, ever give up –Diana Nyad

Just a few weeks ago, 64-year-old New York author and journalist Diana Nyad became the first person to ever swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida without a shark cage. Her first attempt was in 1975 at her age 28, after other remarkable feats had been achieved. Other attempts were made in July, 2010, September, 2011 and August, 2012.

After her great success this year, Nyad admonished others with life goals, “Never, ever give up!”

Now some are claiming she must have cheated. Why don’t we celebrate success? Three cheers for Diana!

Several St. Clair Publications books tell remarkable true stories about persons who overcame dire circumstances.

A Teacher’s Prayer by Tammy M. Brown is the moving positive adventures of Tammy as a young girl. When her father was killed in a freak accident, her mother went through great depression, anxiety and wrecking relationships. Tammy suffered much abuse and ended up in a children’s home. But one of her teachers didn’t give up on her. Read about the positive end results in a book that has touched many people.

Pieces of My Heart, originally published by Xlibris, is Katy O. Ishee’s true story of parental abuse, the birth of a child which was ripped from her, shock treatment given her to make her forget, and a lifelong search for her son.

Both of these authors have told their story in many publications and on TV.

My novella, Quinn, though slightly fictionalized for effect, is based on the true story of my mentally challenged uncle, James Lansing David Vinson (1917-1936), and how when he was taken away from the family, my grandfather refused to accept this and got him back, moving across the country. Without this turn of events, I would never have been born.

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Amazon makes sense

Why is it that every day folks are on Amazon somewhere in the world buying St. Clair Publications books in either paperback or Kindle? Well…the answer is simple. Amazon prints the lion’s share of our books and Kindle is an Amazon registered trademark.

Let’s say you are an Amazon ad exec and you want to promote a book of a particular genre. You have a choice of one printed and distributed by a major publishing company and one printed by a division of your own company. You have someone searching for a book on that subject. What Amazon does is send out an email to that customer promoting their own product. Amazon is doing so well that they are opening new distribution centers–two in Tennessee alone.

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Creatures of habit, my morning routine

If you are anything like me you have likely found that you are a creature of habit. This can be good, or bad–depending upon the habits that we form. Some are formed intentionally and some unintentionally. But when we repeat the same routine over and over we become accustomed to doing it and, like an old comfortable shirt, we find that we don’t want to get rid of it.

Every morning when I arise–more often than not, about the same time–I have a routine of ten acts that I perform, hardly thinking about it. One of these is using my eye drops, one is making coffee, and one is taking our little dog for an early morning stroll about the same circle in our neighborhood.

Do you do the same things every day with or without realizing it? You likely do. Have you discovered that some of these things you would be better off without? Very possibly.

You may find it helpful to examine your habits and see if there are some which need changing

One good habit is meditating on the positive things in your life and being thankful. When you find time, grab a book and read something uplifting.St. Clair Publications has quite a few such offerings. Visit us at today.