Obamacare is a trainwreck- Why?

I’m neither a tea party-er nor a liberal. Extremists seem to clash with reality on both ends of the spectrum in either politics or religion.

Even many democrats are now willing to admit that Obamacare is a disaster. First, the website failed to function properly, and still won’t. Now hundreds of thousands of Americans are losing their healthcare (in spite of Presidential statements that they could keep it) and if they can obtain new coverage, they all have to take mandated services many don’t want or need, paying up to ten times their previous premiums.

I could have told them what would happen, but unfortunately they didn’t ask me or any other longterm insurance company executives that have seen such plans repeatedly fail. A number of states, New York among them, have tried to run state plans for the unfortunates who were unable to obtain coverage through the normal channels and they “fell flat on their faces.”

Let’s face it, insurance companies, like other businesses, have to make a profit to survive. When they have to provide preexisting condition coverage without asking any questions, and maternity and prenatal dental coverage, etc., they can’t do it “for peanuts.”

When our government tries to get involved with something for which they are not qualified, they will without a doubt fail. For many years my agency and I sold a great volume in life and health coverage. I have even been responsible for helping to design plans for companies. I do not want the job of helping the governnment with its trainwreck. But “give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.”

Notwithstanding all of this, if you want to get your mind on something worthwhile, go to stclairpublications.com and pick up a copy of Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions, or get it in either paperback or Kindle on Amazon.

I walked my dog this morning

For me, writing poetry takes the right mood and inspiration. For about a week now I have felt a poem coming on. Like many, a lot of my inspiration comes from nature, and the early morning ability to think with a clear mind. As I have walked my little doggie, Brody, each morning, words would come to me. Today I put it all together in this poem which I want to dedicate to my friend, former Poet Laureate of Kentucky and two-time Pulitzer nominee, Lee Pennington. Not that my poety comes close to the grandeur of his, but because I respect him so much.



I took my dog for a walk this morning

‘Ere the advent of the sun.

Fall was heavy in the air

And the first hint of frost lay low on the lawn.

A lazy three-quarter moon

Hung tight against a treetop in the West.

Could this truly be the same shy moon

Which hid behind earth’s black shadow

Two mere nights ago?

My doggie paused to smell and mark his territory

Then pulled forcefully ahead.

By dawn’s encroaching glimmer

The ruddy and blanching leaves

Dotted the darkened greens about me

As onward we ambled around our suburban block.

A brown fringe of fallen foliage

Lined the edge of asphalt.

My small companion stopped and sniffed

Where yesterday had laid a silenced squirrel,

Its relative barking incessantly

From the quivering limbs above.

Some kind soul had scooped it up

And whisked it away from the view of passersby.

As we rounded the corner, morn’s soft rays

Arose in the East as a florescent vapor.

The roar of the mowers had been quelled for the season,                               

I mused, and I was glad.

We soon were home again—safe and warm.


Stanley J. St. Clair, 10-21-13 In honor of Lee Pennington

Books of Historic Significance

Even before I became a publisher I was a book lover and collector. Something I inherited from my mother. I have a library on thousands of titles ranging in publication date from the mid-eighteen hundreds to date.

When selecting a book to add to my collection, I consider some important factors: age, condition and historic significance.

In writing my own works I could only make a stab at delivering a title which could be of historic significance. I feel that at least two are. Both were listed by Amazon as “hot new releases when they first came out.” The first was “Conspiracy in the Town That TIme Forgot,” a true crime drama which a co-wrote with my good friend, Ron Cunningham.  It caught the attention of a number of folks, perticularly in the legal and law enforcement professions. It was even offered by a junior college as recommended reading fro Criminal Justice students, and became a part of several pubilc libraries.

Now, Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions has proved to be of historic significance in that it has been ranked by readers as being such. Check it out on Amazon and read the reviews. I welcome your review there as well.


Columbus Day Overrated

I know I’ve harped on this before and I don’t want to beat a dead horse to death (See Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches for this one) but even in 1934 folks knew that Columbus didn’t ‘discover America.’ According to Minute Stories of Famous Explorers by Jerome Kates, Grossett and Dunlap, published that year, “Nearly 500 years before the voyage of Columbus the Vikings Discovered America.” This heads the page on Leif Ericsson (977-1010). The Canadian coast then was known as Vinland.

Great overlooked modern author, Gunner Thompson (Viking America and American Discovery) has found startilng evidence of journeys to the new world by Europeans even earlier. So laud ole Chris if you will, but many brave souls would rather print the plain truth. Check it out for yourself. And if you are looking for a good children’s book about early voyages, order a copy of British artist, Hazel Brown’s remarkable full-color story book, Prince Henry St. Clair, Earl of Orkney, available from Amazon, St. Clair Publications, or book stores my order it direct from the world’s largest distributor, Ingram Books, around the world.

Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches soon to be on Amazon MATCHBOOK

I have just enrolled my best-selling tome, Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions in Amazon’s new Matchbook program. That means if you have previously ordered the paperback version from Amazon, you can now own the Kindle version for only $2.99! It should be up within 48 hours, so keep a watch on Amazon.com. This is less than half price!

The American Templars World Premier

The American Templars is a feature film based on my friend, Davis S. Brody’s remarkable novel, The Cabal of the Westford Knight. The World Premier of the film, directed by Michael Carr, will be held on Saturday, October 12, in Westford, MA at the Westford Regency. There will be a reception from 6:00 to 7:30 PM, with the showing from 7:30 to 9:30.

The book and film are based on the legendary voyage of Scottish Templars, successors to those who allegedly survived the extermination of the order,  to the New World almost 100 years before Columbus, hence, the Columbus Day weekend premiere.

I first met Dave Brody in Halifax, NS Canada in 2008. He was already a best selling author. He gave me a proof copy of the Westford Knight novel, and after reading it I contacted him and gave him some minor edits for the biblical references which he applied.

I’m sorry I can’t be there for the premier, but am looking forward to visiting with him sometime in 2014. I hope it is a huge success!