The true meaning of Christmas

Our Sunday comics in my town had a Classic Peanuts strip in which Linus is reading the Nativity story from the Gospel of St. Luke. After he finishes he says, “That’s the true meaning of Christmas.” Charlie Brown replies, “You’re right.” Then Linus returns, “So who needs Santa Clause?” Merry Christmas, everyone!

My deepest appreciation

Most Comprehensive of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions is surpassing my wildest expectations in sales for this Christmas season! It is great to go to the Amazon printer’s website and look, then again in just a while and see that 10 more have been ordered. My deepest appreciation to Amazon for their promotion and to those who have selected this book as the one in its field that stands out above the others to order for their loved ones for a gift.

Remembering Nelson Mandela

The world has lost a unique hero, but his work and influence will go on for future generations.

With whom shall we compare this man? There has been no one individual who has done the same as he, but I should think that we can name three individuals that come to mind, who, when their collective missions are compiled, show a bit of Nelson Mandela’s persona.

First is Martin Luther King. He fought hard for equality for all and inspired his generation to step up to a better future.

Then we may consider Moses, who accepted God’s call to deliver his people from slavery in Egypt.

And finally, I heard him compared to George Washington, for he was the father of his country for future generations.

Nelson Mandela, hats off, held in hand over our hearts. You will be loved forever.

Auburn’s last second miracle

I was but one of the multitude with eyes glued on the final second of play in the Iron Bowl at Jordan-Hare Stadium last night. That alone is a miracle, as I had just turned to that channel to watch another program which was supposed to soon air.

One second remained on the clock. Alabama had made other failed attempts at a 57 foot field goal in an effort to break the 28-28 tie with Auburn. Again the attempt by Adam Griffith failed, but this time Coach Gesmatzahn had instructed Chris Davis to be poised to intercept the ball–a move so unexpected that it worked like a charm. Davis bolted around and through Alabama’s stunned tackles to complete a 109 foot touchdown, winning the game and clinching their shot at the SEC championship! Wow, what a play!

Even if your not an Auburn fan or are even not a normal sports enthusiast, one has to admire this remarkable accomplishment.

Moral of the story: Never give up, even in the face of what seems insurmountable odds.

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