RC Cola and a Moon Pie

In the South, an RC Cola and a Moon Pie have traditionally gone together like a sausage and biscuit. Every year about this time, in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, a typical old Southern village in Bedford County, throws what they call the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival. Today it’s happening with a parade at 11:00 and a lot of vendors with everything from crafts to art and music. And our governor, Bill Haslam is attending. There’s a Saturday live radio show in the family style Bell Buckle Cafe. But the temps are in the 90s and there is always a crowd in the thousands.

I love Bell Buckle, and we go at least once or twice every summer just to shop the quaint craft and antique shops and grab a tasty meal and possibly an ice cream.  I’ve also been known to go for a Moon Pie and an RC Cola on occasions.

My upcoming book will be the first in a long series of volumes scheduled to be released titled Exploring Our Exciting World. This one will be about the Southeast US, and Bell Buckle will be just one in a bushel basket full of fine locations to visit. These books will be unique in that they feature best attractions to visit in each area including festivals, sports events, National and State Parks, Historic Landmarks, and Amusement Parks plus Institutions of Higher Learning. But another unusual feature will be that a lot of it will be from personal experience, and each book will have contributions from others. The first book is scheduled for release in October, 2014. 

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Father’s Day and Bonnaroo

Yesterday was one of my favorite days…being a proud father, and all. I got taken out to lunch and given a beautiful card by my lovely wife; I received five phone calls, one text and two facebook messages from family and a number of ‘Happy Father’s Day’ wishes from friends.

My oldest son, who lives in Colorado, talked to me at length and told me about his adventuresome day of ‘firsts’. He went mountain bike riding, went to see a 3-D movie, and saw the new Corvette Stingrays, Of course he heard from his kids, too.

This morning, just down the road from here, tens of thousands are exiting Bonnaroo.  This year it featured such entertainers an Lionel Richie, Elton John and Kanye  West, who brought along his new bride, Kim Kardashian. Our local newspaper had an article with the heading Kanye West brings sharp tongue to Bonnaroo. I don’t know about that, because I was too busy doing family things and stuff that I felt counted for something.

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Weekend of non-stop entertainment

This has been, and continues to be, one of the most entertainment-filled weekends that the music, sports and acting-loving public could ever expect.

Locally, here in Middle Tennessee, while thousands prepare for Bonnaroo, the four-day camping music festival on the 700 acre farm down the road just a few miles from my home, featuring some of the top names in pop and rock in the world,  CMA Fest and Fanfare in nearby Nashville with the superstars of ever popular country music is in full swing.

Then in New York, yesterday evening, the running of the Belmont Stakes, which, to the disappointment of millions (especially those who had $9 million bet on California Chrome), failed again to produce a triple-crown winner. His owners are steaming because of the ‘unfair’ standards with ‘fresh horses’ competing. (I was on the edge of my seat during this one)

For days the French Open Tennis match has been running full speed, and there were the Finals for the Stanley Cup in tennis, and two major auto races revving up today, plus the NBA Playoffs between Miami and San Antonio.

In addition to all of that. we have the Miss U.S.A. competition tonight at the Bayou in Baton Rouge and the Tony Awards live from Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

Whew! I’m out of breath thinking about it all.

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