A New Landmark for St. Clair Publications!

Since St. Clair Publications was opened up to other authors in 2009, we are celebrating 10 years as a Hybrid Publisher. That means we offer to new authors the services they need to edit and publish their books, including great cover designs, and reach world markets, as well as doing promotions. And we offer them at the most reasonable cost of any such publisher in the U.S, as well as giving the lion’s share of profits back to the author. In this time we have published over 135 books, some being distributed by Ingram Books, but most by Amazon. We have sold many thousands of books. We have also built a solid team who work well together to make St. Clair Publications what it is today. Working closely with me I have Michele Doucette, a French Acadian retired special ed teacher with a Master’s degree in Education (Literacy), who is not only our Editor-in-Chief, but Content Manager as well. She has published 29 titles herself, and does a marvelous job working with new authors coming aboard. Then Kent Hesselbein an honor graduate with a degree in Elements of Design who runs a Design Studio and consulting firm, is our graphic designer and webmaster. Spencer St. Clair, an Amazon employee and college student currently seeking a diploma in Design and Media Production Technology heads our Classic Book Division.

At this auspicious milestone we have made another major accomplishment. Up till now all of our books have been in English. Today that changed! Thanks to Maria Alvarez Vint, who was born in Canada,spent her early years in Cuba, and educated in New York and Madrid with certification in Advanced Hispanic Studies, we just released the first Spanish book! My latest offering, Predictions of the Prophets: Why Has Jesus Not Returned? is now available in both English and the Spanish version: Las Predicciones de los Profetas. 

Maria is currently pursuing updated certification in English-Spanish translations, and will soon launch her own business, Trustworthy Translations. She will also be joining our team offering her services to other authors at reasonable cost!

For all these things I am truly grateful!