Over 4,200 expressions with origins! This time it is really over!

In early 2010 I began a fascinating voyage to discover the most accurate origins of the expressions used by English speaking people around the globe. In 2011 I published my first small book on the subject titled On the Origins of the Cliches and the Evolution of Idioms. It was intended as a pun of Darwin’s famous work, but some took it wrong. Nevertheless, after sales took off I realized I had filled a need because most other books on this subject only gave the popularly held beliefs, and didn’t dig out the deeper nuggets of truth. I decided to continue this journey, so the next year I released a second volume of that title. But I had still only touched the surface. I then went into full swing  I made the print smaller, took out personal feelings and humor, and enhanced and included all of these entries and hundreds more in what I thought would be my final tome on popular English slang and figurative speech. It was titled Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions. Amazon officials immediately recognized it as a HOT NEW RELEASE. It was quickly added to the libraries of several colleges, high schools and elementary schools. It began selling in several foreign countries. It received much acclaim from college professors, public school teachers, librarians, newspaper columnists, pastors, and numerous others. It was used by at least one source to teach English as a second language, and referenced by a doctorate candidate in her theses in a major university. It was used regularly on a radio program and people would call in with expressions they wanted looked up. I began doing book signings in libraries and book stores. It was picked up by many online sites including Walmart. There became so many additional phrases that I knew I must add a second volume, then a third. Then I did an Index Book tying them all together. The first two were also put into Kindle e-book format. But I kept collecting phrases and researching them. Volume II was smaller that the others so I had room to expand it. Over the past nine months I completed the newly Revised and expanded Volume II and an expanded Index Book. Thy have both been released and are available on Amazon. It has about 200 additional entries, some cross references, with over 170 brand new expressions. I will give updates. Be sure to get whatever you need to complete your collection or as a gift for a student or inquisitive friend!