To Be or Not To Be is now an exciting new novel!

Recently Michele Doucette released her latest novel: To Be or Not To Be, plus another book about the research which went into its making. Here is what Amazon says about this great book:

Zohar (Zoey) Stuart, historian, archivist and genealogist, is of the belief, the mindset, the opinion, that understanding history is the best way to approach both the present as well as the future. She takes pleasure in using her understanding of the past to clarify ways that allow for the envisioning of a different future, a better future, for herself, for her country, for the world. Knowing that her historical counterparts had to make choices in the past, choices that would serve to impact future lives, so, too, does she assert that such also refers to today. While historical interpretation is never easy, given the complexity of the past, Zoey does her best to solve the mysteries, to detect the most plausible explanation(s), as to why things turn out the way they do. She also sees the study of history as being her way of understanding the place of human beings in the world. In keeping with the Welsh Queen Boudicca, whose battle cry was alleged to have been Y gwir erbyn y Byd, meaning The Truth against the World, so, too, is she wanting to uncover the truth about her place in the world. With the original message of Jesus having been one that was based on love, truth and service, wherein he showed much mercy and compassion, empathy and forgiveness, for those that society had deemed less fortunate (for whatever reason the closed minds of society were able to perceive, at that time). So, too, is Zoey a believer in truth, love and service, to one’s self as well as others. In the course of both her dynamic blogging efforts as well as her steadfast genealogical research, never would she have imagined that she would encounter a search fraught with intrigue, synchronicity, danger and murder.

Get your copy today! You will be hard pressed to out it down once you’ve started!