Any job worth doing is worth doing well

I’ve been very busy this week preparing for events of which I am in charge this month for Kiwanis. Kiwanis is a worldwide service organization whose motto is “Serving the children of the world.” It has been my great joy to be a charter member of my club which was chartered in 1984.  I am serving as President this year, (a position I have held from time to time over the past 29 years) and will be going in as Lt. Governor of my District in October. But my duties are already beginning, and I am scheduled to speak at a luncheon meeting at one of the clubs today.

It has always been my belief that ‘any job worth doing is worth doing well.’ It’s something a lot of us heard from our parents, they heard from theirs, and back many generations. It is one of a multitude of old proverbs in my book, Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and figurative Expressions. I want to share this snippet from the book:

Any job worth doing is worth doing well

A number of Internet sites attribute the coining of this proverb to Dave Vanderbeck of Yardville, New Jersey in 1850.

Actually, this is an old proverb dating back to at least the eighteenth century. The Earl of Chesterfield, in a letter to his son in October, 1746 wrote the following:

“Care and application are necessary… In truth, whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.”
[1746 Chesterfield Letter 9 Oct. (Published 1932) III. 783]

Since it is an axiom, the meaning is clear. Later it was used by other authors, including H.G. Wells in Bealby in 1915:

“‘If a thing’s worth doing at all,’ said the professor, ‘it’s worth doing well.’”

This is only a small sample to the many sayings that are incorrectly attributed by a number of sources. If you haven’t gotten your copy, today you may get it as cheaply as FREE on Kindle if you are an Amazon Prime member.

I am going to make an honest effort to be the best Kiwanis Lt. Governor that I can. Like everybody else, I’m not perfect, but I do put in effort.

The same is true when I release a book which we have prepared for publication. There have only been two books released by us that we did not prepare. If you choose St. Clair Publications for your book, we pledge the best value in the POD publishing market today. And you can ‘put that in your pipe and smoke it.’..or ‘take it to the bank,’ which ever you prefer!


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  1. To which I can only attest this to be true of St. Clair Publications; as a team, we work well together. Likewise, as I prepare my own manuscripts for publication, so, too, do I do my job well, simply because it is worth it to me.

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