Fonzie–a one-of-a-kind feline

My young Russian Blue cat is sitting on my lap rubbing his face against mine and reaching his paw around my neck to ‘hug’ me. I’ve never seen a cat as active–both in a good way and a bad one–than ‘Fonzie.’

When my son, John,  moved to Colorado earlier this spring, I inherited his then six month old male cat. The kitten’s mother had transported him him by nape of the neck and dropped him at John’s feet, then made like the wind and blew the scene.

Rhonda came up with Fonzie for a name for him, and It didn’t take long for him to settle in, develop a pattern of mischief and become the king of the house. Our other cat, Shiah, has to watch her step. He will jump on her without warning. We thought getting him neutered would calm him down. We had to think again. He decided that he wanted to play with a flash drive which belonged to another author lying on the conference table in my office. It was in a plastic bag, which he snatched and dashed about the house with. I then placed it into a folder between two sets of papers, the top one held together by a clamp, then stuck it under the edge of a printer. Well, that rascal jumped up on there and pulled the file out from under the printer, opened it, took his teeth and removed the top set of papers and neatly laid them behind the open file, grabbed the plastic bag holding the flash drive and flew off the table, ran from my office, up the stairs into the house and paraded it about in defiance of my orders to halt.

Then yesterday when I was putting on my gym shoes to leave for my aerobics class, he kept untying my shoes as if to attempt to delay my departure. What do you do with a cat like that?

I guess it’s like other unpredictable family members–you love them!

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