Family is a big part of happiness

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I had the grand privilege of keeping a special grandson, Alex, while everyone else worked. We had a delightful day filled with laughing and playing games, and we took our little Min-Pin, Brody, to the kennel to visit his friends while Rhonda and I go to Ohio to visit family.

After Alex left yesterday, my friend, author Frank TIbbetts, came by to bring me another chapter of his graphic thriller, Cutter! due to be released in both hardback and paperback this fall. We had a great time going over some details.

Then last night, Rhonda and I went to Alex’s ball game. He is so committed to baseball that he plays on both the early league and late league, and is now the first baseman for his skilled team. It is such a joy being a grand parent–and in my case, a great-grandparent as well.

I will be meeting the latest great-grand for the first time next week. Angelique Rene Thoele is a bright little one and so blessed to have parents, grandparents and great grandparents who love her so much.

So if you have small family members, be sure to show them love…for love makes the world a better place!

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