A major announcement is close

Rhonda and I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with dinner and a movie and time together. These special occasions form memories to keep us aware of the truly important things in life.

March 6th will be the first anniversary of the release of Most Comprehensive Origins of Cliches, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions. I have been so pleased and thankful that this book could make a difference in so many people’s lives and garner such touching praise. I want to take this opportunity to thank all who have been so kind.

Just because this effort has been so successful, I didn’t want to be found ‘resting on my laurels,’ ‘if you get my drift.’ I have ‘all my ducks in a row’ for a major announcement exactly two weeks from today, on March 1st. I don’t want to be guilty of ‘a failure to communicate’ and I expect this to come off ‘without a hitch.’ That’s why I’m not waiting till ‘pigs fly’ to relate the good news. ‘Any way you slice it’ the results will be a ‘win-win’ for all concerned.

Keep reading my blog and you’ll be ‘in the know.’

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