Kentucky Baptists Giving Away Guns at Church

I could hardly believe my ears this morning when I heard on a Nashville TV station that USA Today reported that the Kentucky Baptist Convention has voted to have a Second Amendment Celebration by giving away guns at churches in an effort to “convert unchurched young men to Christ.” At least one church, Lone Oak Baptist in Paducah, ┬áis having an event this evening at which they are giving guns as door prizes. I checked it out, and this is factual!

What’s wrong with this picture? Sure, I believe in our rights. I’m exercising my First Amendment right of free speech and press right now. But the Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms, not a lack of common sense. I also have a right to pick up snakes, but I chose not to do so.

It is recorded in John 18:36 that Jesus spoke against his servants fighting, even to prevent his delivery to his enemies for crucifixion. His was a message of love, and I hardly see churches giving away firearms as a promotion of love.

So I won’t be giving away guns, handling snakes or bombing abortion clinics. That’s just my “two cents worth.”



2 thoughts on “Kentucky Baptists Giving Away Guns at Church

  1. In this neck of the woods everybody has a hunting rifle. At the celebration they are not actually having guns there. A certificate will be given as a door prize and the winners will have to go to the gun store and pass all the legal and usual requirements before receiving their prize. It is a good program to bring people into the church and like I said, in this neck of the woods, having a gun is not uncommon. They are also featuring Eric Horner singing gospel music and some great rib eye steaks!

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