In a tense time, we can still make a positive difference

This week Christians celebrate Holy Week. Those of the Jewish faith celebrate Passover. Around the world, however,  it has been a week of tension due to many unfortunate events such as Russian intervention in Ukraine, Search for the missing plane in the Indian Ocean, sad memories of the Boston Marathon bombing a year ago, the tragic slaying of three gentiles by a Neo-Nazi targeting Jews near Kansas City, a ‘blood moon’ rumored to be a harbinger of the end of days, harsh spring storms and now the sinking of a ferry off the coast of Korea.

I have learned that trauma happens no matter what we do or say. Worry does us no good, because we worry about those things we can’t do anything about. A positive attitude and a thankful heart do more good than all of the worry and anxiety we could ever muster.

Over the past few days I have occupied myself in activities which I felt were beneficial. I went to a political meeting where candidates for federal, state and local offices could express their views. My wife and I went to church to worship God. We went to our granddaughter’s Easter party at school. We attended a Kiwanis meeting. Today she is going with her mother to visit her sister who was recently in the hospital, and I am going to visit a friend who has just been transferred from the hospital in a neighboring city to a local rehab center.Friday evening we are going to another town to judge dishes in a festival.

We are here to make a difference in this world. We may not move mountains, but we can encourage others who need our touch for that day.

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