Raising the Bar

As I had done the last time, my eyes were glued to the Discovery Channel production of Nik Wallenda on Sunday evening as he broke two more world record by walking across a tight wire high above Chicago, first climbing up a 19 degree slope, then blindfolded over a shorter distance between two other skyscrapers. Something in me cringes, feeling he goes too far, but something else can’t help but admire him for his nerves of steel and determination to be the best of the best.

Being the best at what I do has always been one of my goals. As an insurance agent I once led sales with two companies simultaneously. Then I always worked both smart and hard to win trips around the globe that the companies for which I was contracted, either as an agent or manager would pay for. I was constantly the leading regional manager in my field with my last full-time company.

As both an author and a publisher, I try to raise the bar and promote excellence. I am always thrilled when one of my books sells its first 1,000 copies. I am always proud when one of my authors does well and sells out at book signings or goes far beyond “average” in online sales. These things continue to happen because I am not satisfied to be average.

Our authors are important to me at St. Clair Publications. If you are an author, join our growing team. We will help you raise the bar.


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