Pets hold a dear place in our hearts

I’ve talked a lot on here about our cat, Fonzie. There have been a lot of antics and laughs since he came to live in our home. His mother dropped him off at my son’s feet on his back porch when he was a kitten. He hasn’t known any keepers but my son, my wife and me. Occasionally he would like to dash out the door when we opened it. We felt that he would do it just to show us he could, like the other tricks he would play.

Five evenings ago as we were leaving he dashed out. It was nearly dark, but we thought he’s come back in, either when we got back home that night, or early the next morning, like he has done so often. He still hasn’t shown up. I’ve driven all over our neighborhood twice, plus the two adjoining subdivisions. I keep opening the door and calling his name every morning hoping he has returned and is lurking in the shrubs.

He is so dear to me, as all our pets. To us they are like close members of our family. I’ve called a friend at a local radio station and announced his absence, and an ad is going in our local Sunday paper.

Books are also important to me I have a large collection, and it seems to continue to grow. Also, today I have submitted my latest book to the printer, the first in the Exploring Our Exciting World series. I’ll announce its release soon. In the meantime, visit us at , You might see something you like. There are even some about animals! Also, if you spot a grey cat with a white heart on his chest let me know at There is a reward for his return.


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