Remembering Joe Cocker

Yesterday another legendary giant in the music industry passed away. British-born  Joe Cocker died at his home in Crawford, Colorado of lung cancer. He was 70.

His 1968 recording of the Beatles song, With a Little Help from My Friends took him to the top of the charts in the U.K., but his performance of it at Woodstock hit a chord with the American audience that was never forgotten.

Though I never attended a concert at which he preformed, as I did with so many great talents, I loved his raspy, soulful voice, and I had at least one thing in common with him: my favorite song by him was You Are So Beautiful. When he did the take which went down on vinyl, his voice cracked at the end, showing great emotion. Rather than take it out, the producers left it in. That choice helped to make that record one of the most beloved of all times.

Rest in peace, Joe, we will miss you!

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